NameUsed by
Celeste Victoire Liersch Celeste Belnap
Charlotte Holt Gethings Charlotte Holt Gethings MacPherson
Charlotte Mary Brame Martha Owen
Charmian Mildred E. Matthewson
Charming Kitty Kate McIntyre Ruttan
Christie Carew Gladys Devlin Stacey
Christine Field Frances Elsie Fry Laurence
Citoyenne Mary Agnes Bernard Fitzgibbon
Civilis Sara Jeannette Duncan
Claire Maclean Mabel Broughton Billett
Clara Elizabeth La Touche Vicars Strutt Clara Rayleigh
Clare Everest Clara Annie Gallagher
A. Clare Giffin Amy Clare Giffen
Clare Lane Lillian Robertson Hay
Clare Shipman Connelly Clare Shipman
The Classical Kid Florence Robina Monkman
Claude Berwick Anna Rebecca Hunt
Claude R. Vane Louise Richardson Rorke
Clip Carew Elmira Elliott Atkinson
Coleman Kit Coleman
Constance Barbour Holbein Constance Barbour
Constance Errol Elizabeth Kerr
Constance Lynd Emily Spencer Kerby
Constant Lindsay Constance Lindsay Skinner
Corky Hughena McCorquodale
Cornelia Lucy Doyle
Countrywoman Mary McCallum
Cousin Lizzie Theoda Davis Foster
Cousin May Carleton May Agnes Fleming
Cousin Peggy May O’Regan and 2 more.
Cynthia Lucy Maud Montgomery
Cynthia Brown Rose Marie Claire Armstrong Christie
D.D. Dora Dibney
D.M. Robinson Dorothy Mae Robinson
Dame Emma Albani Emma Albani
Dan Sanders Audrey Alexandra Brown
Denis Scott Isabella Valancy Crawford
Dickson Reynolds Helen Dickson Reynolds
Dixie Patton Francis Marion Beynon
Dolly Delores Feetham
Dolly Dimples Gladys Devlin Stacey
Dolly Fairfield Dora Estelle Fairfield
Dolly Varden Rachel Murray
Dorothea West Helena Jane Coleman
Dorothy Mary Hoskin
Dorothy Blakey Smith Dorothy Blakey
Dorothy Garbutt Anna Dorothy Garbutt
Dorrie Gordon Dorothy Locke
Dr. A.M. Angus Annie Margaret Angus
Dr. Charlotte Whitton Charlotte Elizabeth Whitton