NameUsed by
Mrs. George Butler Ethel Huestis Butler
Mrs. John Kendrick Butler Annie Butler
By a Lady Diana Bayley
Frances Dalrymple Byron Fanny Dalrymple Redmond
C. Wise Christine Van der Mark
A.C.F. Augusta Charlotte Fraser
C.H. Caroline Hayward
C.M.D. Carrie Matilda Derick
C.S.B. Charlotte Selina Bompas
Caed Mille Failtha Isabella Whiteford Rogerson
Caitlín Ní Aodha Katherine Hughes
Mrs. George Caldwell Anne Irene McLean Caldwell
Caleb Black Helena Jane Coleman
Callaway Marston Constance Callaway Marston
Calvin George Martha Banning Thomas
Camellia Japonica Camelia Japonica (pseud.)
Mrs. H.T. Cameron Ernestine Cameron
Mrs. Angus Campbell Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
Mrs. Archibald Campbell Isabella Campbell
Mrs. Daniel Campbell Lydia Blake Campbell
Mrs. Harvey Campbell Grace MacLennan Grant Campbell
Mrs. Thomas Clyman Campbell Elizabeth Bethune Campbell
Mrs. William MacFarlane Campbell Marjorie Freeman Campbell
Canadienne (unknown) and 2 more.
Mrs. Harold Worsley Ebbs Canavan Frances Alice Clarke Ebbs-Canavan
Canaweeta Margaret Marshall Saunders
Capi Muriel Wylie Blanchet
Captain Harcourt Ada B. Teetgen
Mrs. Marcel Carbotte Gabrielle Roy
Mrs. John Carey Eliza Field Jones
Caris Sima Clara Mountcastle
Carleton Mrs. C.A. Baird and 2 more.
Carleton-Milecete Helen Morrow Paske Duffus
Caro B. Fortier Caroline Taschereau Fortier
Carol Coates Cassidy Carol Coates
Caroline Seaford Marjorie Grant Cook
Carolyn Damon Lotta Dempsey
Mrs. Robert Carr- Harris Bertha Hannah Carr-Harris
Mrs. Leeming George Carr Kate Carr
Mrs. Walter Carr Amy Simpson Winning-Carr
Carrie M. Cassidy Carol Cassidy Cole
Mrs. Vincent-Ferrier Carriere Gabrielle Carriere
Mrs. George T. Carter Lily Carter
Mrs. Robert Clifford Carter Muriel Eleanor Ransom
Dr. Mabel Cartwright Mabel Cartwright
Mrs. Ashley Carus-Wilson Mary L.G. Petrie
Mrs. Thomas Cary Mary Ann Shadd
Mrs. Bruce Cash Gwen Cash
Mrs. Eugene Haanel Cassidy Carol Coates
Mrs. Nathaniel Caswell Annie Gray Caswell