TitlePublication Date
Canada the Spellbinder 1917
Canada Through Ccf Glasses 1935
Canada, And a Collection of Poems 1961
Canada, The Empire of the North: Being the Romantic Story of the New Dominion's Growth from Colony to Kingdom 1909
Canada: Romancing the Land: Poetry by Miriam Waddington 1996
Canada: The Struggle for Empire 1960
Canada: Trial and Triumph 1963
Canada: Why We Live in It and Why We Like It 1861
Canada's Coronation Calvacade 1910-1937 1937
Canada's New Flag 1917
Canada's North: A Land on the Move c1971
Canada's Peace Tower and Memorial Chamber... 1935
Canada's Welcome to Women 1929
A Canadian Abc 1990
The Canadian Atlantic Fishery 1934
The Canadian Birthday Book 1887
A Canadian Book of Months: Verse and Prose 1908
Canadian Born 1903
Canadian Camp Life 1900
Canadian Catalogue: A Manual for Diabetics 1924
Canadian Circus 1939
Canadian Cities of Romance 1922
The Canadian Commonwealth 1915
The Canadian Cook Book: Cookery and Domestic Economy 1908
A Canadian Cookbook
The Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains 1852
Canadian Days
The Canadian Doukhobor Settlements: A Series of Letters 1899
The Canadian Elocutionist: Designed for the Use of Colleges, Schools and Self-Instruction, Together with a Copious Selection in Prose and Poetry of Pieces Adapted for Reading, Recitation and Practice 1885
Canadian Etiquette for Daily Living 1953
The Canadian Garden: A Pocket Help for the Amateur 1903
Canadian Ghost Stories
The Canadian Girl at Work: A Book of Vocational Guidance 1919
A Canadian Girl in South Africa 1905
Canadian Heroes of Pioneer Days 1930
A Canadian Heroine 1873
Canadian Heroines of Pioneer Days 1929
Canadian Homes for London Wanderers 1870
Canadian Jewish Short Stories 1990
Canadian Life As I Found It: Four Years' Homesteading in the North-West Territories 1908
The Canadian Mother's Book 1923
Canadian Motorists Handbook
The Canadian Navy
Canadian Public Opinion on the American CIVIL War 1926
A Canadian Scrapbook: A Volume of Essays and Stories 1897
Canadian Spring 1947
Canadian Strength: Biographical Sketches 1946
Canadian Summer 1948
Canadian Treasury Reciter 1922
Canadian Vegetables for Every Day 1930