TitlePublication Date
The Sun and the Moon 1944
Sun Hee and the Street Boy 1962
The Sun Horse 1951
Sun Prize Winners 6th Annual Cook Book 1939
Sun Yat-Sen, His Life and Its Meaning: A Critical Biography 1934
Sunbeams: A Collection of Original Poems 1898
Sunblue 1978
Sundays in Soho: Twelve Stories for Children and Their Friends 1884
Sunlight in the Shadows: The Landscape of the Vision of Emily Carr 1984
The Sunne-Beam Staire 1930
Sunny Australia: A Photographic Picture Book 1941
Sunny-San 1922
Sunrise 1943
The Sunset Tree 1949
Sunshine and Shadow 1919
Sunshine and Shadow 1924
Sunshine and Shadow 1955
Sunshine-Shadder: Sketches of Ontario Life 1911
Supplement to an Irish Saint: The Life Story of Ann Preston, Holy Ann c1907
Supplement to the Handy Guide to the Laws of Ontario 1919
The Surprise Place 1945
Susan's Special Summer 1954
Susann of Sandy Point 1930
Susannah at Boarding School 1938
Susannah of the Yukon 1937
Susannah Rides Again 1940
Susannah: A Little Girl with the Mounties 1936
Swamp Angel 1954
Swann and Daphne 1960
A Swarming in My Mind 1977
The Sweeping Tide 1939
Sweet Canada: Twelve Bird Songs and a Round 1923
The Sweet Girl Graduate: A Drama in Three Acts 1882
Sweetness Came to Earth
The Swinging Pendulum 1928
Swiss Sonata 1938
Sybil Campbell: Or, The Queen of the Isle 1861
Sylvia Leigh: Or, the Heiress of Glenmarle 1880
Symphony 1956
Symphony and Other Poems 1935
A Synopsis of Woman Suffrage in Canada 1933
Systematic Giving c1895
Systems of Modern Medicine, Vol. 4 1908
Taffy Came to Cairo 1944
Tag: Or, The Chien Boule Dog 1909
Take a Dark Journey 1965
The Taking of the Holy City 1918
Tal and the Magic Barruget 1965
The Tale of a Belgian Hare 1914
A Tale of the Early Years 1935