TitlePublication Date
The Twins in Bookland 1938
The Twins Make Friends 1951
Two Admirals: Admiral of the fleet Sir Fairfax Moresby, (1786-1877) and his son, John Moresby 1909
Two Cases of Widely Patent Foramen Ovale 1915
Two Christmas Carols 1942
The Two Decanters 1930
Two Frontier Churches: A Paper Read before the Canadian Institute at Niagara on the 2nd of July 1890 1890
Two Gentlemen of the Bench 1934
Two Girls on a Barge 1891
Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Strong: A Survey of the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing Organizations in Canada 1943
Two Hundred and Fifty War-Time Recipes 1918
Two in a Flat 1908
Two Little Indians: A Pre-Primer 1933
The Two Miss Jean Dawsons 1880
Two Modern Women: A Story of Labor and Capital As Well As Love and Matrimony 1893
Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear 1885
Two on a Tow 1942
Two Plays for Child Actors 1934
Two Poems 1988
Two Poems 1923
Two Rival Lovers 1881
Two Royal Elizabeths c1953
The Two Saplings 1942
Two Too Many: A Comedy in Three Acts 1927
Two Women 1978
The Two-Thirds Minority 1973
Two-Way Pitcher 1958
Ubaldo and Irene: A Historical Romance 1878
Uirapuru: Based on a Brazilian Legend 2010
The Ukrainian Canadians: A Study in Assimilation 1931
Unbind the Sheaves: A Prairie Memoir 1964
Uncertain Glory 1932
Uncle Sam's Attic: The Intimate Story of Alaska 1930
Under Country Skies 1933
Under the Crescent 1915
Under the Grey Olives 1927
Under the King's Bastion: A Romance of Quebec 1902
Under the Maple 1930
Under the Quiet Water 1949
The Unequal Yoke c1965
The Unexpected Bride: The Story of an Old Fashioned Family 1895
The Unfinished Revolution: The Status of Women in Twelve Countries 1991
Unfold the Years: A History of the Young Women's Christian Association in Canada 1949
Unforgettable, Unforgotten 1945
Union Security 1944
Unit of Five: Louis Dudek, Ronald Hambleton, P.k. Page, Raymond Souster, James Wreford 1944
The United Empire Loyalists
The Universal Sisterhood c1895
Unknown Fairies of Canada 1926
Unless the Eye Catch Fire 1994