TitlePublication Date
Young Canada 1943
The Young Country Schoolma'am 1920
The Young Emigrants: Or, Pictures of Life in Canada 1826
Young Folk, Old Folk: A Novel of the Younger Set 1926
Young Folks' Dialogues 1922
The Young Gordons in Canada 1913
Young Laetitia 1939
A Young Man's Choice 1869
The Young May Moon 1929
Young Renny 1935
The Young Surveyor 1956
The Young Village Doctor 1915
Yours...for Better Meals This Easier Time Saving Way: Westinghouse De Luxe Adjustomatic Electric Roaster 1940
The Youth of Great Canadians: A Series of 12 Broadcasts 1939
Youth Speaks Its Mind 1948
Yuletide Bells 1944
The Zeit-Geist 1895