TitlePublication Date
An Adventure in Youth 1917
The Adventurers of England
Adventures in Puddle Muddle 1935
Adventures in the Wilderness 1925
Adventures of Oregon: A Chronicle of the Fur Trade 1920
The Adventures of Prince Melonseed and the Adventurous Road 1916
Adventures with Animals Across Canada: A Collection of True-Based Stories 1976
Adventuring with David 1961
The Aeolian Harp: Or, Miscelanneous Poems 1857
Affairs of State 1988
Affirmations: An Anthology, 1929-1978 1978
Africa Advancing: A Study of Rural Education and Agriculture in West Africa and the Belgian Congo 1945
Africa and the Making of Books, Being a Survey of Africa's Need of Literature 1934
After Dusk 1942
After Many Days: An Anglo-American Romance 1914
Afternoon Tea in a Friendly Village, 1862 1912
Against Her Will 1877
Aggravating Agatha 1936
Agnes Selby 1861
Agricultural Credit in Canada 1941
Agriculture Past and Present in Porto Rico 1922
Aileen, A Poem 1865
Aims and Methods in Parent Education 1930
Air Raid Precautions for Canada 1942
Alaska Challenge: Journey from Seattle Through BC to Alaska in 1930S 1940
Alaska: The Great Bear's Cub 1930
Albrecht Durer 1928
Alchemy and Other Poems 1935
Alcohol and the Human Body
Aleta Day: A Novel 1919
Alexander Clark, Loyalist 1940
Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Contracted Space 1928
Alexander Hunter Murray 1934
Alexander MacKenzie
Alexander McBain, B.a., Prince in Penury 1906
Alfred North Whitehead 1946
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada(1886) With Graeme Mercer Adam
Alice Lester: A Newfoundland Story 1904
Alice Ravenhill: The Memoirs of an Educational Pioneer 1951
All Around the House: Or, How to Make Homes Happy 1881
All Fool's Day 1948
All This Difference 1945
All This to Keep 1947
All We Like Sheep and Other Stories 1926
Allen Ruthvan, Knight 1908
Alleviations 1905
Almeira's Castle: Or, My Early Life in India and in England 1865
The Almosts: A Study of the Feeble-Minded 1920
Along the Northumberland Strait: Poems of Nova Scotia 1934
Along the Road to Hazelton 1932