TitlePublication Date
Down in Nova Scotia: My Own, My Native Land 1934
Down River Lies the World 1946
Down Singing Centuries: Folk Literature of the Ukraine 1981
Down the River to the Sea 1894
Down the Road to Yesterday: A History of Springfield, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia 1941
Down to the Sea 1936
Downy Wings and Sharp Ears: Adventures of a Little Boy Among Little Wild Friends in Nature’s Wonderland 1926
A Dozen Ways of Love 1897
Dr. Jessie MacBean and the Work at Hackett Medical College, Canton, China 1934
Dr. John McLoughlin 1930
Dr. Paul 1918
The Dragon's Tail 1938
Drawn Shutters 1914
Drawn Shutters 1916
The Dream is Certain 1954
The Dream of the Months 1918
Dream Tapestries 1924
Dream Tea 1934
Dream Telescope 1972
Dream Verses and Others 1906
Dreams and Delights 1926
Dreams in Your Heart 1937
Dreams of Home and Other Poems 1911
Dreams of the First and Twentieth Century 1898
Dreams of the World of Light 1951
Drift 1884
The Drift of Pinions 1913
Drifting Soil 1934
Driftwood Valley: A Woman Naturalist in the Northern Wilderness 1948
Driftwood: Drifting Thoughts from Near and Far, Caught Up in a Calendar 1980
Driving Home: Poems New and Selected 1972
The Drowning at Wasyl Nemitchuck (A Fine Coloured Easter Egg) 1946
The Drum of Lanoraye: A Narration of the Days of Talon the Great Intendant 1932
A Dryad in Nanaimo 1931
The Dual Language Bill 1890
The Duel of the Queens: A Romance of Mary, Queen of Scotland 1930
Duet for Cello and Drum 1947
Dugout Mystery 1953
Dumb Boy of Fribourg: Or, The Pilgrim and the Dragon: A Tale of the Discovery of Gunpowder 1873
The Dumb Man 1933
Dumb Spirit: A Novel of Montreal 1952
Dumb-Bell 1929
The Dumfounding 1960
Duncan Polite, the Watchman of Glenoro 1905
Durie, Stories and Verses 1913
During the Tea Hour c1950
Dusty Dawn 1949
Duty and Happiness in a Changed World 1933
Duty of a Christian Toward God c1855
The Dynamics of Change: Labor Relations on the Montreal Waterfront 1970