TitlePublication Date
Evening Comfort 1898
The Evening Crowns the Day 1940
Evening Dance of the Grey Flies 1981
Eventide and Other Poems 1953
Evergreen Leaves, Being Notes from My Travel Book by 'Toofie': Or, 'Toofie' in Europe 1877
The Everlasting Beauty 1926
Every Comfort in the Wilderness: A Personal Journal, With Excerpts from the Housewifery Book, Diaries and Letters of Hannah Jarvis, Upper Canada, 1792-1845 1994
Every Month was May 1947
Everyday Children: A Book of Poems 1932
Everygirl: A Pageant of the Girl Reserves, Young Women's Christian Association c1920
Everything in the Window 1979
Everywoman's Road 1911
The Ewe Lamb 1968
Excavating a Husband 1916
The Exchange of Farming Information 1953
The Excursion 1777
The Exile of Tadmor, and Other Tales 1865
Experience Into Thought: Perspectives in the Coleridge Notebooks 1979
An Experiment in Applied Nutrition for Canadian Communities 1943
Experiment in Springtime 1947
Explorers of the Dawn 1922
The Exquisite Gift 1930
The Exquisite Perdita 1926
Extended 1967
Extracts from the Journals and Letters of Hannah Chapman Backhouse 1859
Extracts from the Life of Joseph Brant and History of the Aeriokwa or Six Nation Indians 1941
The Eyes of the Gull 1936
Eyes of the Law 1920
The Faceless Enemy 1966
Facepowder and Gunpowder 1947
Faces of Love 1958
Faces That Follow 1898
Fact and Fancies, Book 2 1943
The Faculty of Medicine of McGill University: Reprint 1935
Faggots for the Fire 1933
Fair Is My Love 1950
The Fair Promise 1973
A Fair Rebel 1899
The Fairies of the Glen 1943
A Fairly Good Time 1970
Fairy Doors 1932
The Fairy-Land of Science 1898
A Fairy's Garland of B.C. Flowers c1945
Faith and Friends 1895
Faithful Margaret, A Novel 1880
Faithful Unto Death: A Memorial of John Anderson, Late Janitor of Queen's College 1870
Faithless: A Newfoundland Romance 1901
Fallen Rose Leaves, Gathered and Pressed: Readings, Recitations, Dialogues and Songs 1890
The False One; and The Legend of St. Christopher 1879
False Star 1939