TitlePublication Date
Africa and the Making of Books, Being a Survey of Africa's Need of Literature 1934
After Dusk 1942
After Many Days: An Anglo-American Romance 1914
Afternoon Tea in a Friendly Village, 1862 1912
Against Her Will 1877
Aggravating Agatha(1935) Just Mary 1939
Agnes Selby 1861
Agricultural Credit in Canada 1941
Agriculture Past and Present in Porto Rico 1922
Aileen, A Poem 1865
Aims and Methods in Parent Education 1930
Air Raid Precautions for Canada 1942
Alaska Challenge: Journey from Seattle Through BC to Alaska in 1930S 1940
Alaska: The Great Bear's Cub 1930
Albrecht Durer 1928
Alchemy and Other Poems 1935
Alcohol and the Human Body
Aleta Dey: A Novel 1919
Alexander Clark, Loyalist 1940
Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Contracted Space 1928
Alexander McBain, B.a., Prince in Penury 1906
Alfred North Whitehead 1946
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada(1886) With Graeme Mercer Adam
Alice Lester: A Newfoundland Story 1904
Alice Ravenhill: The Memoirs of an Educational Pioneer 1951