TitlePublication Date
Alpatok: The Story of an Eskimo Dog 1906
Alpha and Omega 1932
Alphonse and Archibald 1953
Always Now: The Collected Poems 2003
Always the Bubbles Break 1947
Always the Tides 1964
Ambassadors of Good Will: At Home and in Far Fields 1930
The Amber Merchant 1925
The Amber-Riders, And Other Poems 1929
Amendment: Or, Charles Grant and His Sister 1828
An American Girl in London 1891
Among the Hills
Among the People of British Columbia 1903
And Details of Adventures, Perils, And Deliverances 1863
And in the Time of Harvest 1945
And Other Canadian Poems 1899
And They Shall Walk: The Life Story of Sister Elizabeth Kenny 1943
Andrew Johnson, President of the United States: His Life and Speeches 1866
Andries 1942
Andy Breaks Trail 1928
The Angels' Alphabet 1948
The Angels' Alphabet 1950
Angels' Shoes and Other Stories 1923
Angelus, And the Apostles' Creed: Plays
Angry River 1951
The Animal Map of the World 1932
Anna Maria 1927
Anne Boleyn 1932
Anne Francis: An Autobiography 1974
Anne of the Marshland 1914
Annie Elizabeth Bradley 1936
Anniversary of St. Mark's Church, Niagara 1911
Anonymous, Me: A Book of Remembrance 1915
Another Way of Love 1923
Answer These Four Questions
Anthology of Y. C. Verse 1937
Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac 1930
Antoinette De Mirecourt: Or, Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing 1865
Apartment Seven: Essays New and Selected 1989
Apples Don't Just Grow 1954
Apples of the Moon 1933
Appraisal of the Social Development of Children at a Summer Camp 1940
Aqua 1991
Arabella 1907
The Arbutus Tree
Arcades Ambo: Verses 1919
The Arch-Satirist 1910
Archbishop O'Brien: Man and Churchman 1906
Argenteuil Lyrics(1935) With Anna and Emma Wales
An Argument in the Kitchen: A Playlet for Children in One Act 1926