TitlePublication Date
A Fair Rebel 1899
The Fairies of the Glen 1943
A Fairly Good Time 1970
Fairy Doors 1932
The Fairy-Land of Science 1898
A Fairy's Garland of B.C. Flowers c1945
Faith and Friends 1895
Faithful Margaret, A Novel 1880
Faithful Unto Death: A Memorial of John Anderson, Late Janitor of Queen's College 1870
Faithless: A Newfoundland Romance 1901
Fallen Rose Leaves, Gathered and Pressed: Readings, Recitations, Dialogues and Songs 1890
The False One; and The Legend of St. Christopher 1879
False Star 1939
Familiar Letters of Subjects Interesting to the Minds and Hearts of Females 1834
Family Allowances: Facts Versus Fiction 1945
The Family and Modern Marriage 1953
The Family at Sunshine Ranch 1939
The Family 1875
Famous Canadian Artists 1983
Famous Canadian Stories: Retold for Children 1923
Famous Doctors: Osler, Banting, Penfield 1956
Famous Firesides of French Canada 1899
Famous Men and Women of Canada 1938
Famous Queens and Martha Washington Paper Dolls 1895
Famous Royal Household Recipes: Series 1: Hot Breads (Tea Biscuits, etc.) 1934
Famous Royal Household Recipes: Series 2: Cakes (Fillings and Icings) 1934
Famous Royal Household Recipes: Series 3: Puddings and Pudding Sauces 1934
Famous Royal Household Recipes: Series 4: Cookies 1934
Famous Royal Household Recipes: Series 5: Plain and Fancy Breads, White and Brown 1934
Famous Women Character Representation: An Historic Entertainment 1916
Fancy Flag Drill 1900
Fancy Flag Drill:"Rule Britannia" 1917
Fancy Flag Drill: "We'll Fight for the Grand Old Flag" 1917
Fancy Free 1938
Fanfan's Poetry: The Collected Poetical Works of Victoria Grace Blackburn 1967
Fanny Allen, Ethan Allen's Daughter 1940
The Fantastic Lodge: The Autobiography of a Girl Drug Addict 1961
Far Horizon 1941
A Far Land 1924
Farden Ha' 1902
The Farm's Little People 1897
Farmer Maxwell's City Niece: A Three-Act Drama 1926
Fascinating Challenges: Studying Material Culture With Dorothy Burnham 2001
Fatal Relations 1955
The Fate of Father Sheehy: A Tale of Tipperary in the Olden Time 1863
Fate: A Poet's Answer to Dante's Divine Comedy 1935
Fated to Marry
A Fateful Abduction: Or, The Secret Sorrow c1907
Father Lacombe 1912
Father Lacombe, The Black Robe Voyageur 1911