TitlePublication Date
Favorite Pets with New Pictures and Verses 1893
Favourite Desserts of the Chatelaine Institute 1935
Feathers with Yellow Gold: The Story of Redemption Home 1920
The Federation Spider Web: A Serio-Comic, Politic Ode Suited to the Times 1865
Feeding Your Family in Wartime: Meals for Five on $12.50 a Week
Feeling the Worlds 1984
Felix Christie 1912
The Female Emigrant's Guide, And Hints on Canadian Housekeeping 1854
The Festival of the Wheat: A Play for the Little Folk 1918
A Few Cooking Suggestions 1915
A Few of My Favorite Recipes c1923
A Few Steps on the Road to Zion, As Understood by Travellers in 1854. Also, Grave-Yard Flowers: Or a Collection of Elegies, Etc. 1855
A Few Thoughts on the Subject of Loyalty c1896
Fibres, Spindles and Spinning Wheels 1944
Fibres, Spindles and Spinning Wheels 1944
The Fiend 1964
Fifty Years at St. Andrew's, 1928-1978 1978
Fifty Years of Woman's Missionary Work
Figleafing Through History: The Dynamics of Dress 1971
Figure in the Rain 1948
The Filled Pen: Selected Non-Fiction 2007
The Film Life of Mary Pickford 1914
Final Rehearsal: A One Act Musical Sketch 1910
Finch's Fortune 1931
Finding New Homes in Canada 1938
Fingers of Time and Other Poems 1974
Fir-Flower Tablets: Poems Translated from the Chinese 1921
The Fire Patrol 1949
Fire Will Freeze 1944
The Fire-Dwellers 1969
Firecracker Land: Pictures of the Chinese World for Young Readers 1932
Firelight Fancies c1926
Fireman for a Day 1952
Fires in the Vine 1942
Fires of Driftwood 1922
Fireside Musing 1941
Fireside Poems 1950
Fireweed 1945
Fireweed 1924
First Book for Canadian Children 1843
The First Book of Canada 1955
The First Book of Sailing 1953
First Canadian Arithmetic, Intended for the Primary Department of Common Schools 1866
The First Osler Day 1935
First Principles: A Manifesto of the Vortex Theory of Creation 1906
Fishing with John 1988
The Five a's Vs. The Four a's 1928
Five in a Living Room 1962
Five Poems 1980
Five Points for Africa 1942