TitlePublication Date
For His Country, And Grandmother and the Crow 1900
For King and Country: A Story of 1812 1874
For Me to Live 1936
For My Children's Children 1937
For Remembrance 1944
For the Flag: Or, Lays and Incidents of the South African War 1901
For This Freedom Too 1942
For This Hour and Other Poems 1937
For This I Live: Poems 1963
For Walt Whitman 1923
For You 1931
Forbidden Adventure 1967
Forbidden Frontier 1968
The Forest Barrier: A Novel of Pioneer Days 1930
Forest Folk 1949
The Forest of Bourg-Marie 1898
The Forest of Happiness
The Forest Runner 1920
Forever to-Morrow 1946
Forfeit, And Other Poems 1926
The Forging of the Pikes: A Romance of the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1837 1920
Forgotten Children 1929
Fort George's Lonely Sycamore. A Reminiscence of Niagara
Fort William Interests in Smithsonian Institution 1920
Fortnight in Frascati 1940
Fortune Trail 1954
Fortune Turns Her Wheel 1929
Fortune, a play in one act 1936
Forty Years Agrowing: A History of Ontario Women's Institutes 1941
Forty Years in Canada: Reminiscences of the Great North-West, with Some Account of His Service in South Africa, by Colonel S. B. Steele, Late of the N.W.M. police 1915
Forty Years of Song 1911
The Forty-Eighth Highlanders 1915
Forward Thru the Ages
The Fountain in the Square 1963
Fountains of Ordunna 1923
Four Ballads and a Play 1933
The Four Leaf Clover 1934
Four Poems c1965
Four Went to the Civil War 1985
Fourth Entrance to Huronia: The History of Owen Sound 1980
The Fourth Queen 1926
Fragment c1945
A Fragment of Ontario’s Scott Act: or, A Ruined Life 1893
Fragments 1911
Fragments of Fantasy 1928
The Fragrant Minute for Every Day 1925
Fragrant Wisdom 1931
Françaises d'Amérique 1914
Frances and the Crees 1957
Francie on the Run 1939