TitlePublication Date
Ground Mist 1946
Growing Pains 1946
Growth 1949
Growth of a County Town, Owen Sound, 1900-1920 1984
Growth of a Man 1938
Guardians of the Wild 1936
Guernsey Megaliths: Their Secrets Revealed by Night 1933
Guest House: Very Exclusive 1937
Guests of the Heart 1918
A Guide for Diabetics 1926
A Guide to Glastonbury’S Temple of the Stars: Its Giant Effigies Described from Air View Maps and from"the High History of the Holy Graal”: Part One 1934
The Guiding Angel 1871
Guiding Voices and Other Poems 1932
Guiding Your Child to a More Creative Life 1991
Gup 1946
Guy Earlscourt's Wife 1872
Guy Earlscourt's Wife: Or, Wedded But No Wife 1900
The Gypsy Queen's Vow: Or, The Victim of Fate 1865
Hacco, The Dwarf: Or, The Tower on the Mountain and Other Tales 1864
Half a Gipsy 1916
Half-Price 1927
Half-Silent Fellowships 1909
The Haliburton Memorial Museum 1960
The Hamilton General Hospital School of Nursing, 1890-1955 1956
Hand Luggage: A Memoir in Verse 2006
Handbook of Child Welfare in Canada 1923
Handbook of Chinese Paintings 1922
A Handbook of Vancouver Island 1922
Handbook to the Public Galleries of Art in and Near London 1842
A Handful of Lilacs and Other Poems 1946
Handy Guide to the Laws of Ontario 1919
The Hang Together Boys 1920
The Hangman Ties the Holly 1955
Hans Brinker: Or, The Silver Skates 1975
The Happiness Flower 1969
A Happy Adventure: Or, Newfoundland in 1915… As Writ by the First Mate
Happy Because Good
The Happy Child 1938
The Happy Harfords 1938
A Happy Holiday 1890
The Happy Home: Or, The Children at the Red House 1863
A Happy Mistake 1924
Happy Playtime, More Just Mary Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Series 1948
Happy Tramp: The Story of a Little Girl and Her Old English Sheep Dog 1942
Harbour Lights 1954
Hardy Roses: Their Culture in Canada 1923
Hark! The Bugle Calls c1914
Harold Bowdoin's Investment 1904
A Harp in the Wind 1938
Harriet Farewell 1975