TitlePublication Date
Grim Truth: A Short Story 1890
Grimpo and Grumpy 1964
Grimsby Park, Historical and Descriptive, With Biographical Sketches of the Late President Noah Phelps and Others 1900
Ground Mist 1946
Growing Pains 1946
Growth 1949
Growth of a County Town, Owen Sound, 1900-1920 1984
Growth of a Man 1938
Guardians of the Wild 1936
Guernsey Megaliths: Their Secrets Revealed by Night 1933
Guest House: Very Exclusive 1937
Guests of the Heart 1918
A Guide for Diabetics 1926
A Guide to Glastonbury’S Temple of the Stars: Its Giant Effigies Described from Air View Maps and from"the High History of the Holy Graal”: Part One 1934
The Guiding Angel 1871
Guiding Voices and Other Poems 1932
Guiding Your Child to a More Creative Life 1991
Gup 1946
Guy Earlscourt's Wife 1872
Guy Earlscourt's Wife: Or, Wedded But No Wife 1900
The Gypsy Queen's Vow: Or, The Victim of Fate 1865
Hacco, The Dwarf: Or, The Tower on the Mountain and Other Tales 1864
Half a Gipsy 1916
Half-Price 1927
Half-Silent Fellowships 1909
The Haliburton Memorial Museum 1960
The Hamilton General Hospital School of Nursing, 1890-1955 1956
Hand Luggage: A Memoir in Verse 2006
Handbook of Child Welfare in Canada 1923
Handbook of Chinese Paintings 1922
A Handbook of Vancouver Island 1922
Handbook to the Public Galleries of Art in and Near London 1842
A Handful of Lilacs and Other Poems 1946
Handy Guide to the Laws of Ontario 1919
The Hang Together Boys 1920
The Hangman Ties the Holly 1955
Hans Brinker: Or, The Silver Skates 1975
The Happiness Flower 1969
A Happy Adventure: Or, Newfoundland in 1915… As Writ by the First Mate
Happy Because Good
The Happy Child 1938
The Happy Harfords 1938
A Happy Holiday 1890
The Happy Home: Or, The Children at the Red House 1863
A Happy Mistake 1924
Happy Playtime, More Just Mary Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Series 1948
Happy Tramp: The Story of a Little Girl and Her Old English Sheep Dog 1942
Harbour Lights 1954
Hardy Roses: Their Culture in Canada 1923
Hark! The Bugle Calls c1914