TitlePublication Date
The Aristocrat Housekeeping Guide to Better Health Through Better Cooking, And a Wealth of Tested Household Information 1954
Armand Durand: Or, A Promise Fulfilled 1868
Armed with a Primer 1965
The Armistice, And Other Poems(1919), The Seekers: An Indian Mystery Play 1920
Around the World
The Arrow Sash 1965
The Arrow-Maker’S Daughter 1956
Art of Entertaining for All Occasions
The Art of Entertaining 1945
Art of the Canadian Indians and Eskimos 1969
The Artisan 1941
Artistic Botanical Studies of Real Pressed Flowers 1930
As a Watered Garden 1947
As Far As the Yukon 1951
As It was in the Beginning 1936
As the River Runs 1947
As We are 1940
Ask No Man Pardon: The Philosophic Significance of Being Lesbian 1975
Aspidistra's Career 1936
At Eventide 1943
At Last 1893
At the Dark of the Moon 1956
At the End of the Road 1929
At the End of the Road 1974
At the Harbour's Mouth 1905
At the Seventy-Fifth Milestone: The Story of the First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta, 1948-1963 1963
At the Sixtieth Milestone: The Story of the First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta 1948
Atlas Flour Cook Book
Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease 1936
Atma: A Romance 1891
Attar of Song, And Other Poems 1936
Attune with Spring in Acadie 1931
Aunt Hattie's Place 1941
Aunt Jean's Christmas Programme 1933
Aunt Mary's Family Album 1912
Aunt Sophie Speaks 1933
Aunt Susan's Visit 1917
Aunt Tabitha 1826
Autobiography of a Chinese Dog 1926
Autumn Affluence 1960
Autumn Leaves 1907
Autumn Leaves 1869
Autumnal Query 1947
The Awakening 1933
Aweena: An Indian Story of a Christmas Tryst in the Early Days 1906
Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk
An Awful Mystery 1875
Back Door Neighbors 1946
Back in the Fifties 1907
Back to the Kitchen, Woman! A Comedy 1970