TitlePublication Date
The Heiress of Glen Gower: Or, The Hidden Crime 1868
The Heiress of Kilorgan 1867
The Heiress of Myrtle Grove: An English Tale Founded on Fact 1870
Helen Beals: Watercolours 1982
Helen Gougeon's Good Food 1958
Hellenic 1933
Helpful Household Hints and Recipes 1938
Helps for Young Housekeepers 1912
Henry Dunckley, MA, LLD 1929
Henry: Or, The Juvenile Traveller 1836
Hepaticas in Spring 1935
Her Chinese Cherubs: Elizabeth McLennan of Honan 1948
Her Own People 1945
Her Special Vision: A Biography of Jean Little 1987
Heralds of Christ the King: Missionary Record of the North Pacific, 1837-1878 1939
Heralds of Empire: Being the Story of One Ramsay Stanhope, Lieutenant to Pierre Radisson in the Northern Fur Trade 1902
Herbaceous Perennials for Canadian Gardens 1946
Herbaceous Perennials, with Lists of Varieties for Special Purposes and districts 1929
The Herbs of Medea: A Five-Pointed Leaf from the Tree Ygdrasil 1904
Here and There on Vancouver Island
Here Comes Dirk 1951
Here Is England 1962
Here Is Your Westinghouse Food Mixer: Recipe and Usebook 1945
Here's to Canada! 1941
Heritage 1941
The Hermit of the Cliffs c1865
The Hermit of the Rock of Cashel: A Tale of Landlordism in Tipperary 1863
Hero in Ermine and Other Poems 1939
The Hero Songs of Canada 1927
Heroes of Canada: Based Upon "Stories of New France 1893
Heroes of History
A Heroine of Charity: Venerable Mother D'Youville 1938
Heroine of Moodyville 1937
The Heroine of Saddle Mountain
A Heroine of the North: Memoirs of Charlotte Selina Bompas (1830 - 1917), Wife of the First Bishop of Selkirk (Yukon), With Extracts from Her Journals and Letters 1929
Hetty Dorval 1947
Hey, Ma, I Did It! 1953
Heyday of a Wizard: Daniel Home, the Medium 1944
The Hickory Stick: A Romance of the School in the Cedars 1921
Hidden Fires 1951
Hidden Music 1948
The Hidden Room: Collected Poems 1997
Hidden Springs: A Narrative Poem of Old Upper Canada and Other Poems 1949
Hidden Village Mystery 1948
The Hiding-Place 1990
The Hieroglyphics of the Heavens, Or the Enigma of the Ages 1933
High Bright Buggy Wheels 1951
High Days and Holidays in Canada: A Collection of Holiday Facts for Canadian Schools 1938
High Heaven 1939
High on a Hill 1949