TitlePublication Date
The History of Our Lord: As Exemplified in Works of Art 1864
History of St. Basil's Parish 1912
A History of the Americas 1950
A History of the County of Grey 1931
A History of the Early Days of Pincher Creek of the District and of the Southern Mountains 1926
History of the Eastern Townships, Province of Quebec, Dominion of Canada, CIVIL and Descriptive 1869
A History of the Families of Olmsted, Aikman, and Pillow: With Notes on Other Related Names 1949
History of the Formation of National Council of Women 1931
The History of the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1851
History of the MacFarlanes 1831-1931 1931
A History of the North Easthope Pioneers, County of Perth, Ontario, Canada, From Perthshire, Scotland 1937
History of the Ojebway Indians: With Especial Reference to Their Conversion to Christianity. With a Brief Memoir of the Writer and Introductory Notice 1861
History of the Townships of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown, Halifax County, Nova Scotia 1893
A History of the War between Great Britain and the United States of America, during the years 1812, 1813, & 1814 1855
The History of Trinity Church, Barrie, Ontario, Canada 1835-1935 1935
History of Upper Woodstock 1940
Hitch-Hiking the Alaska Highway 1944
The Hitching Post: A Story Dealing in Magic 1969
Hob's Heaven 1937
Holbrook of the San 1953
A Hole in the Woods 1895
Holland c1965
Holly and Other Poems c1850
The Holly Branch 1851
Holly Drill 1917
Holly Time Songs: Fifteen Original Christmas Songs for Children and Grownups 1938
Hollywood 1875
Hologram: A Book of Glosas 1994
The Holy Child: Carol Anthem 1959
Holy Communion: Invitation and Simple Preparation 1908
The Holy Spirit 1931
Home and Round About 1939
Home Canning
Home Canning Recipes Tested and Compiled by the Home Service Dept. 1944
Home Care of the Sick 1904
Home Drying of Fruits and Vegetables 1934
The Home from Home 1929
Home Lyrics: A Book of Poems 1887
The Home Nurse's Handbook of Practical Nursing 1912
Home Nursing: Modern Scientific Methods for the Care of the Sick 1900
Home of My Youth 1946
The Home of Santa Claus: A Real Christmas Story
Home Preservation of Meats, Poultry, Fish and Soups 1938
Home rule for Ireland: annexation: Chinese immigration. Free trade and Independence for Canada. Woman's rights and Man's Deception. Beautiful Wiarton and its Inhabitants Compared to Picturesque Owen Sound. A Missionary Needed in the Former Place. Roman Catholicism vs. Methodism 1893
Home Truths: Selected Canadian Stories 1981
Home Work 1887
Home: A Poem 1815
Homeless in Paris: The Founding of the"ada Leigh" Homes 1920
Homemade Frozen Desserts 1924
The Homemaker's Guide Book 1940