TitlePublication Date
How Frank Did It/That Worthless Lad/Little John: Three Stories 1898
How Grand Falls Grew 1945
How I Know God Answers Prayer: The Personal Testimony of One Life-Time 1921
How Like an Angel 1962
How New Brunswick Grew 1943
How St. Nicholas Came to the Academy a Christmas Play for Little Girls 1914
How the Fairies Chose Their Queen 1900
How the Law Helps to Healthy Homes - The Housing of the People series #1 1898
How They Found Jesus
How to Accompany 1893
How to Avoid Accidents and Give First Aid 1928
How to Bring up a Baby: A Hand Book for Mothers 1906
How to Build the Canadian House 1927
How to Conduct Public Meetings in Canada and Where to Find the Rules 1939
How to Cut Food Costs c1917
How to Get Your Man-- In Three Parts
How to Make Outpost Homes in Canada 1923
How to Manage Housework in Canada 1928
How to Play Baseball 1955
How to Provide Good Reading for Children 1895
How to Save in Your Kitchen: Burns' Tested War-Time Recipes& Thrift Hints c1943
How to Save Sugar in Cooking c1942
How to Take Care of the Baby 1922
How to Take Care of the Children 1922
How to Take Care of the Mother 1923
How We Cook in Canada 1928
How We Hear and Sewing Seams with Steel 1945
Paths of the Righteous 1908
Hubble-Bubble 1927
The Hudson's Bay Company in the Oregon Country 1898
Hugh Latimer: Or, The Schoolboy's Friendship 1828
Human Values and Technological Change: Seventeenth Annual Conference, May 16 and 17, 1967 1967
The Human-Interest Story: A Study of Popular Literature 1937
Humane Education 1927
Humanities in Homespun 1969
Humbly Yours 1935
Humour in Tragedy: Hospital Life Behind Three Fronts by a Canadian Nursing Sister 1919
Humours of'37: Grave, Gay, And Grim 1897
Humours of'37: Grave, Gay, And Grim 1897
A Hundred Trips to Storyland 1930
A Hundred Years a-Fellin': Some Passage from the Timber Saga of Ottawa in the Century in which the Gillies Have Been Cutting in the Valley, 1842-1942 1943
Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr 1966
The Hunter and the Medicine Man 1966
The Hut in the Forest: A Dramatic Poem in Three Episodes 1917
Hy Brasille: The Happy Land of the West 1966
Hymns of Praise and Gladness 1896
Hypnotized: Or, The Experiment of Hugh Galbraith 1898
I Am Here and Not Not-There 2009
I and My True Love 1908
I Knew MacBean 1948