TitlePublication Date
I Like British Columbia 1938
I Lived in Paradise 1942
I Married an Artist 1951
I Married the Klondike 1954
I Met Some Little People 1941
I Need You 1983
I Run with the Fox 1946
I Saw My Mortal Sight 1959
I Seek My Way 1949
I Send a Voice 1978
I Travel to the Poet's Mart 1936
I Visit the Soviets 1937
I was There: A Book of Reminiscences 1938
I, Mary MacLane: A Diary of Human Days 1917
I'm Going Home 1927
Ice Age 1975
Ida Wilmot: The Queen of the Household 1866
Ideals and Realities in Europe 1925
Idleness: Or, The Double Lesson and Other Tales 1862
Idols: Or, The Secret of the Rue Chaussée D'Antin 1882
Idylls of Our Island c1923
Idylls of the Dane 1916
If a Man Love 1948
If I Could Sing 1913
If I Forget Thee... Souvenir of the Centenary of Ottawa 1926
If I Were All These... 1974
If I Were King of Canada 1931
If It Prove Fair Weather 1940
If Liberty Dies Here: A Play in One Act 1944
If We are Spared to Each Other: Love and Faith Against the Sea: The Diary of Annie Rogers Butler and Letters of Captain John Kendrick Butler 1995
Igloo for the Night 1943
The Immigrants 1929
The Immigration Problem for Canada 1924
Immortal Rock: The Saga of the Kensington Stone 1954
Immortality 1928
Imperial Anniversary Book 1909
The Imperialist 1904
The Importance of Religion to Woman 1875
The Impressions of Janey Canuck Abroad 1902
Improvement: Or, A Visit to Grandmamma 1832
In a Canadian Shack 1937
In a Garden of Yesterday 1925
In a Venetian Garden, St. Ursula: Two Plays 1926
In Bohemia, And Other Studies for Poems 1900
In Bonds 1867
In Caribou Land 1929
In Days of Old: Stories from the Bible Retold 1928
In Due Season 1947
In Her Mind Carrying 1959
In His Keeping: Words of Sustaining from the Source of All Strength, with Kindred Thoughts in Verse