TitlePublication Date
In Holly Time: Poems 1937
In Indian Tents: Stories Told by Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Mimac Indians to Abby L. Alger 1897
In Many Moods 1901
In Memoriam: Fred Hervey John Brigstocke 1899
In Memoriam: Hibbert Binney, Fourth Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia 1887
In Music's Thrall 1903
In My Garden 1929
In Northern Skies and Other Poems 1912
In Old Missisiquoi: With History and Reminiscences of Stanbridge Academy 1910
In Orchard Glen 1918
In Our Street 1918
In Paths of Peace 1901
In Pursuit of Coleridge 1977
In Star and Stalk 1959
In the Days of Sir Walter Raleigh 1900
In the Days of the Canada Company 1896
In the Flight of Stars 1991
In the Forest: Or, Pictures of Life and Scenery in the Woods of Canada 1886
In the Garden with Him 1913
In the Gloaming 1935
In the Golden Glow, 1855-1905 1905
In the Heart of the Hills: Or, the Little Preacher of the Pacific Slope 1898
In the House of My Pilgrimage 1924
In the Meantime 1984
In the National Gallery: Four Letters on the Development of Italian Art c1894
In the Pathless West with Soldiers, Pioneers, Miners, And Savages 1904
In the Promised Land of Alberta's North: The Northern Journal of Katherine Hughes, Summer 1909 2006
In the Queen's Bench, Appeal Side Caroline J. Ferguson, And Charles Roger, Respondent c1855
In the Service of the King: The Story of My Life 1927
In the Spell of the Past 1975
In the Wilds of the Pacific Northwest
In Their Own Words, 1624-1994: The Story of Ontario and Quebec, but in Particular About the Georgian Bay 2001
In Times Like These 1915
In Transit: Twenty Stories 1988
In What Torn Ship 1944
In-Cow-Mos-Ket 1900
Indian Games and Dances with Native Songs 1915
Indian Hall of Fame 1967
Indian Legends 1914
Indian Legends: History and Folklore of the Cowichan Indians 1901
Indian Lives and Legends 1966
Indian Nights 1930
Indian Stories and Song from North America 1900
Indian Tales 1911
The Indian Tribes of Canada 1933
Indians of Canada and Prairie Pioneers 1936
Indians of Canada and Prairie Pioneers 1943
Indirect Domestic Influence: Or, Nova Scotia As It was, As It Is and As It May Be, Comprising a Glance at a New Page in the History of the British Provinces 1855
The Indomitable Savage: Dr. Margaret Savage 1963
Industrial Occupations of Women 1919