TitlePublication Date
Jean De Brébeuf 1928
Jean Dow, MD: A Beloved Physician 1931
Jean Regnard De Segrais: L'homme Et Son Oeuvre 1933
Jeremy Bear 1963
Jerusalem, The Golden 1902
Jessie Alexander Roberts, Encore! 1922
Jessie Alexander's Platform Sketches 1916
Jessie, The Nymph of the Foot-Hills: A Twenty Five Minute Play 1908
A Jest of God 1966
A Jeweled Crown 1909
The Jewelled Ball 1908
Jim and the dragon 1929
Jim Barber's Spite Fence: A Comedy in One Act 1935
Jim: A Life with AIDS 1988
Jimmy and the Spy 1951
Jimmy Gold-Coast: Or, The Story of a Monkey and His Friends 1923
Joan at Halfway 1919
Joe and Pinto 1937
Joe and Ruth Go to School 1940
The Joggsville Convention
John c1937
John – Film Star: A Novel for Boys 1937
John Christie Holland: Man of the Year 1956
John Dangerfield's Strange Reappearance 1933
John Dewey's Philosophy of Education 1929
John Easton Mills: The Martyr Mayor of Montreal 1911
John Holland: Man of the Year 1955
John Jewitt, The Captive of Nootka 1929
John Matheson: A Wholesome Human Story of Canadian Rural Life 1923
John Rowand, Fur Trader: A Story of the Old Northwest 1963
John Saint John and Anna Grey: A Romance of Old New Brunswick 1897
John Sanderson the First: Or, A Pioneer Preacher at Home 1910
John Sutherland: Essays, Controversies and Poems 1972
John Tanner, Captive Boy Wanderer of the Borderlands 1930
Johnny tractor and his pals 1958
The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, 1889-1949 1954
Jolly Jean Pierre/Voyage Extraordinaire De Jean-Pierre 1973
Joseph Brant: Mohawk 1955
Josiah Henson, Patriot 1957
Journal of a Fourteen Days' Ride Through the Bush from Quebec to St. John 1872
Journey Into Yesterday 1943
Journey to a War 1946
Journey with My Selves 1991
Journeying with the Year: A World Friends Anthology 1957
Joy Meredith 1928
Joy, And Other Poems c1955
Joy's Loom 1928
The Joyous Story of Astrid 1931
Jubilee History of Thorold Township and Town from the Time of the Red Men to the Present 1898
Jubilee Poem 1887