TitlePublication Date
L'orphelin De La Nouvelle-Orleans
La Masque: Or, The Midnight Queen 1863
La Salle (La Sieur de la Salle) 1930
Laboratory Outline of General Botany
Labour-Saving Devices in the Household 1912
Labrador Memoires: Reflections of Mulligan 1918
The Lachance Mine Mystery 1920
The Lacquer Couch 1928
The Ladies' Benevolent and Industrial Sallymag Society, being a Series of Comic Chapters, taken from an Unpublished Novel 1868
Lady Evelyn: Or, The Lord of Royal Rest 1869
Lady Jane 1891
Lady Mary and Her Nurse 1856
Lady Rosamund’s Secret: A Romance of Fredericton 1878
The Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses 1959
The Lady with the Other Lamp: The Story of Blanche Read-Johnson, As Told to Mary Morgan Read 1919
Lady's Holm 1878
A Lady’s Diary 1826
Lake on the Mountain 1937
Lament for Harmonica 1960
Lament for the Marquis of Lorne 1883
The Lamp and Other Verse c1929
The Land and Life of Africa 1935
The Land and the People of Canada 1947
The Land Lay Waiting 1955
The Land of Afternoon: A Satire 1924
A Land of Corn and Wine 1938
The Land of Dreams 1940
The Land of Right Up and Down 1964
Land of the Good Shadows: The Life of Anauta, an Eskimo Woman 1940
The Land of the Living 1908
The Land of the Northern Men 1924
Land of the Scarlet Leaf 1915
Landing Fields: Sketches of the United Church of Canada and Young People Around the World 1937
Landmarks: A History of the Girl Guides of Alberta 1968
The Landscape Painter's Day
Lantern-Light 1934
Lanterns by the Lake 1929
Lanterns in the China Sky 1941
Lanterns in the Dusk 1944
Lark Ascending 1932
The Last Buffalo Hunter: As Told to Her by Norbert Welsh 1939
The Last Cache 1927
The Last Concubine 1970
The Last Landscape 1992
Last Love 1976
A Last Memory of Robert Louis Stevenson 1916
The Last of the Vestals and Other Dramas 1914
The Last of the Vestals: A Historical Drama for Girls 1914
The Last Robin: Lyrics and Sonnets 1907
The Last Twist of the Knife 1946