TitlePublication Date
The Legend of the Holy Stone 1878
The Legend of the West 1908
Legendary Lore of Lake Superior 1916
Legends and Folk Songs of French Canadians 1908
Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains, North Germany 1885
Legends of Our Lakes and Rivers 1937
Legends of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church 1872
Legends of the Lakes 1923
Legends of the Madonna 1852
Legends of the Monastic Orders 1880
Legends of the North Land c1914
Legends of the St. Lawrence 1926
Legends of Vancouver 1911
Leona Clinch; Or, Lord Kendale's Repentance 1907
Les Soin Des Malades: Principes Et Techniques 1947
Lessons from the Life of Florence Nightingale 1915
Lessons in Practical Hygiene: For Use in Schools 1907
Lest We Forget 1981
Let Mary Lou Do It
Let There Be Light 1943
Let X Be Excitement 1969
Let's Laugh a Little 1957
Let's Read About Australia 1950
Let's Read About Canada 1949
Let's Ski: A Book for Beginners 1946
Letter from Mgr. Demers' Mission on Vancouver Island, Founded in 1846 c1866
Letters from Alaska and the Northwest 1899
Letters from God's Country: Nell Shipman, Selected Correspondence& Writings, 1912-1970 2003
Letters from Juliet Lady Catesby, to her Friend Lady Henrietta Campley 1760
Letters from Limbo 1956
Letters from Muskoka 1878
Letters from My Home in India, Being the Correspondence of Mrs. George Churchill 1916
Letters from Some Islands 1985
Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada 1856
The Letters of "Norah" on Her Tour Through Ireland 1882
Letters of Charlotte Geddie and Charlotte Geddie Harrington 1908
The Letters of Letitia Hargrave 1947
Letters of Mrs. Wm. Dummer Powell, 1807–1821 1905
The Letters of Sara Hutchinson from 1800 to 1835 1954
Letters to a Debutante 1905
Letters to a Young Lady on Leaving School and Entering the World. Dedicated by Permission to Lady Head 1855
Lewis and Clark in Cass County c1996
Lexy for Short 1961
Lexy O'Connor 1953
Libraries in Canada: A Study of Library Conditions and Needs 1933
Library Plan for Jamaica 1945
Library Survey of Nova Scotia 1938
The life and correspondence of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B.: interspersed with notices of the celebrated Indian chief, Tecumseh, and comprising brief memoirs of Daniel De Lisle Brock, Esq., Lieutenant E.W. Tupper, R.N., and Colonel W. De Vic Tupper 1845
Life and Journals of Kah-Ke-WA-Quo-Na-By(Rev. Peter Jones), Wesleyan Missionary: Some Particulars of His Last Sickness and Death, And His General Character, By Mrs. Jones 1860
Life and Letters of Rev. Mother Teresa Dease, Foundress and Superior General of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in America 1916