TitlePublication Date
Anne Francis: An Autobiography 1974
Anne of the Marshland 1914
Annie Elizabeth Bradley 1936
Anniversary of St. Mark's Church, Niagara 1911
Anonymous, Me: A Book of Remembrance 1915
Another Way of Love 1923
Answer These Four Questions
Anthology of Y. C. Verse 1937
Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac 1930
Antoinette De Mirecourt: Or, Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing 1865
Apartment Seven: Essays New and Selected 1989
Apples Don't Just Grow 1954
Apples of the Moon 1933
Appraisal of the Social Development of Children at a Summer Camp 1940
Aqua 1991
Arabella 1907
The Arbutus Tree
Arcades Ambo: Verses 1919
The Arch-Satirist 1910
Archbishop O'Brien: Man and Churchman 1906
Argenteuil Lyrics(1935) With Anna and Emma Wales
An Argument in the Kitchen: A Playlet for Children in One Act 1926
The Aristocrat Housekeeping Guide to Better Health Through Better Cooking, And a Wealth of Tested Household Information 1954
Armand Durand: Or, A Promise Fulfilled 1868
Armed with a Primer 1965