TitlePublication Date
Belated Violets
Belgium: Then and Now
Belinda Dalton: Or, Scenes in the Life of a Halifax Belle 1859
Belle Plain District History 1966
The Bells of St. Stephen's 1922
The Bells on Finland Street 1950
Below the Salt 1936
Belthor, The Shepherd of Bethlehem
Ben Ona and the Christmas Carol 1931
The Bench and the Bar of Quebec 1931
Bennie and the New Baby 1964
"bequest of Wings": A Family's Pleasures with Books 1944
Bermuda Interlude 1965
The Berry Pitcher 1947
Beside a Norman Tower 1934
Beside Still Waters 1939
The Best of Edna Jaques 1966
Best: The Story of the Messenger Hours, With Some Thoughts They Have Brought 1902
Beth Woodburn: A Canadian Tale 1897
Bethlehem, The House of Bread c1920
Better English Games 1925
Better Harvest 1945
Betty and Bob 1903
Between Friends 1935
Between the Gates c1918
Between the Lights 1904
Beyond Death's Curtain 1958
Beyond the Classroom: The First 60 Years of the University of Alberta Department of Extension 1981
Beyond the Grave 1898
Beyond the Skyline 1937
Beyond War: The Poetry 1985
Bible Lessons for Schools: Acts of the Apostles 1908
Bible Lessons for Schools: Exodus 1907
Bible Lessons for Schools: Genesis 1907
The Bible Story of Boys and Girls 1954
Bible Studies in the Life of the Master: Ten Studies Prepared for Devotional Use in the Women's Mission and Church Organization of First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta, 1950-1951 1951
A Bibliography of Canadian Literary Periodicals 1932
Bibliography of Canadiana 1946
Bibliography of the Writings of Sir William Osler, Revised Edition 1921
Bide a Wee and Other Poems 1879
The Big Baseball Book for Boys 1931
Big Shark 1948
Bill and Coo 1958
Billy Beaver and Mike Muskrat 1932
Billy's Hero: Or, The Valley of Gold 1908
A Biographical Sketch of Katherine E. Wallis, Canadian Artist 1948
A Biographical Sketch of the Late Rev. Job Shenton by His Widow with Some of His Sermons and Lectures 1902
Birds Before Dawn 1942
Birds of Dawn and Other Lyrics 1919
Birds of Peasemarsh 1919