TitlePublication Date
Marenka 1925
Margaret 1928
Margaret Currie, Her Book 1924
Margaret Hall Discovers Upper Canada 1934
Margaret Laurence 1969
Marguerite Bourgeoys and Her Congregation 1940
Marguerite Verne: Or, Scenes from Canadian Life 1886
Marguerites 1898
Marian and Marion 1949
Marian: A Comic Opera in Two Acts 1800
Marie Gourdon: A Romance of the Lower St. Lawrence 1890
Marigold 1928
Marion Wilburn
Marion: The Story of an Artist's Model 1916
Maritime Folk Songs 1962
The Maritimer and Other Poems 1941
Marjorie's Canadian Winter: A Story of the Northern Lights 1892
Marjorie's Wedding Dress c1945
Mark Hurdlestone; or, The Gold Worshipper 1853
Marked for Tragedy 1941
Markers of Time 1931
Marquette 1930
The Marriage Bed 1981
Marriage Is a Private Affair 1941
Marriage of Harlequin: A Biographical Novel of the Important Years in the Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan 1962
The Marriage of Music 1910
The Marriage of True Minds 1900
The Marriage Portion 1911
Marrying Anne?
Martha Made Over c1920
Martha's Vineyard: Poems 1965
Martina Meriden; or, What is my Motive? 1901
Marusia 1940
Mary 1932
Mary Ann's Malady 1913
Mary Bates McLaurin 1945
Mary Electa Adams, A Pioneer Educator 1949
Mary Gay Stories 1930
Mary Magdalen 1918
Mary Magdalene and Other Poems 1914
Mary Melville the Psychic 1900
Mary Olivier: A Life 1919
Mary Stuart and Her Friends 1918
Mary Tired 1922
Mary Tracy's Fortune 1902
Mary Wakefield 1949
A Mary, John and Peter Workbook 1930
Mary's Rosedale and Gossip of"little York" 1928
The Master of Deeplawn 1894
The Master of Jalna 1933