TitlePublication Date
My First Christmas Memory During the Chicago Fire of 1881 1930
My First History of Canada 1958
My First Printing Book 1955
My Forty-Five Years on the Campus 1947
My French Canadian Neighbours and Other Sketches 1916
My Friend Annabel Lee 1903
My Heart Is Broken 1964
My Heart Is Glad = La Yan Poopsmen = Sa-Dzee-Naud-Zon = Sa-Dzee Houn Te-Ee: Writings and Legends 1964
My Hero Is Calling to Me: A Song 1918
My Hundred Favorite Recipes 1924
My Kitchen Window 1935
My Lady Greensleeves 1955
My Lady Nell: An English Story of the Olden Time 1890
My Lady of the Snows 1908
My Life and Dancing 1908
My Life with Grey Owl 1940
My Life with the Enemy 1944
My Love's Garden 1922
My Mother, The Judge: A Biography of Judge Helen Gregory MacGill 1955
My Mother's Journal 1902
My Nine Lives 2006
My Ninety Years c1976
My Other Islands 1960
My Own and Other Rememberings c1935
My Own Story 1934
My Pocket Beryl 1921
My Rendez-Vous with Life 1935
My Rosary of Friendships and Other Poems c1936
My Rosary of Song
My Sanctuary Garden 1937
My Secret: A Story in Rhyme 1920
My Seventy Years, As Told to Elizabeth Bailey Price 1938
My Ships of Yesterday and Other Poems 1935
My Spanish Sailor 1889
My Strange Life 1915
My Travels and Findings 1939
My Two Friends and I: Or, The ABC of the Injustice of Forcing Separate Schools on Manitoba 1890
The Mysteries of Montreal: Being Recollections of a Female Physician 1881
The Mysterious Caboose 1949
The Mysterious Doorway 1900
The Mysterious Hermit: Or, The Grotto of Beatus and Other Tales 1870
Mystery at Lake Ashburn 1962
Mystery at the Edge of Two Worlds 1978
The Mystery Horse 1950
Mystery in Newfoundland 1965
Mystery of Bracken Hollow 1915
The Mystery of Hornby Hall 1906
The Mystery of the Creeping Man 1931
Mystery of the Logging Camp 1945
The Mystery of the Piper's Ghost 1954