TitlePublication Date
The Book of Small 1942
A Book of the Christ Child 1910
A Book of Verse 1912
A Book of Verses 1931
A Book of Verses 1924
A Booklet of Verse: A Jubilee Offering 1897
The Borrowed House 1975
Boughs Bend Over 1943
Boulevard Career 1957
Boundary House 1916
Bouquets in Textiles: An Introduction to the Textile Arts 1955
Boy in Buckskins: The Early Life of John McDougall 1959
A Boy in the House and Other Stories 1952
A Boy in the House 1952
Boy of Nazareth 1950
The Boys' Parkman: The Romantic History of Canada, Selected from the Historical Works of Francis Parkman 1912
Braggart in My Step: More Stories of Glengarry 1956
Brain Bairns: A Collection of Short Verse
The Brampton Story 1953
The Branding Iron 1919
The Brant Family c1904
The Brave Little People 1933
Brave Spirits 1952
Bread and Roses 1937
The Bread of Wickedness 1925
Breath of the Spirit 1937
A Breath of the Woods 1926
Breeches from Bond Street: A Play in One Act 1952
Bride of Glory 1942
The Bridge: A Story of the Great Lakes 1922
Brief for Beauty: Poems 1946
A Brief History of the Wardell Family from 1734 to 1910 1910
A Brief History of the Yukon 1927
Bright Jewels c1900
Bright Land: A Warm Look at Arthur Lismer 1981
Bright Wings 1964
Britain Calls: A Marching Song for Canadian Soldiers of the King c1914
Britannia Waives the Rules: A Confidential Guide to the Customs, Manners and Habits of'the Nation of Shop-Keepers' 1934
The British Association's Visit to Montreal, 1884
British Columbia Up-To-Date
British Emigration to British North America 1783-1837 1928
The British Empire Exhibition 1924: Official Guide 1924
British French Italian Russian Belgian Cookery, Arranged by Grace Clergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue to Aid the Sufferers in the Devastated Districts of France 1916
Britons Awake 1940
The Brock Family 1890
Broken Barrier... A Romance of Staten Island and the Province of New Brunswick 1951
Broken Fetters: A Life Story 1897
The Broken Flower 1927
Broken Gods 1930
Brook Lore 1940