TitlePublication Date
Proudfoot to Pepperbox to Posterity, 1833-1983: The 150-Year History of New St. James Presbyterian Church 1983
Psyche 1916
Ptarmigan: Or, A Canadian Carnival 1895
Public Health Nursing in Canada 1945
Public School Domestic Science 1898
Public School Household Science 1905
Public Welfare Administration in Canada 1930
Pumpkin Time c1965
Pun and Fuzzles! 1974
The Pure in Heart: A Story in the Time of Luther and Other Stories 1925
Purgatory: Doctrinal, Historical and Poetical 1886
Purity Flour Cook Book 1917
Purple and Fine Linen 1889
Purple Hill and Other Stories: A Collection of Short Stories 1976
Purple Springs 1921
Push to the Pacific 1968
The Pussios and the Purr 1929
Pussy Black-Face: Or, The Story of a Kitten and Her Friends 1913
A Quebec Bouquet 1930
Quebec Patchwork 1940
A Quebec Sketchbook 1926
Quebec: Historic Seaport 1942
Quebec: Portrait of a Province 1951
The Queen City of British Columbia 1899
Queen Esther 1924
"The Queen of Fairy Dell" And Other Tales 1912
The Queen of Sheba and Other Dramas 1914
The Queen of Sheba. A Biblical Drama 1915
The Queen of the Isle: Or, The Campbell's Curse 1886
Queer Questions Quaintly Answered: Or, Creative Mysteries Made Plain to Children 1899
Queer Questions Quaintly Answered: Or, Creative Mysteries Made Plain to Children c1899
The Quenchless Light 1924
The Quest: A Drama of Deliverance in Seven Scenes and a Vision 1910
Questing and Other Poems 1945
Questing, a Book of a Thousand and One Delights, in Memory of Her Constant Inspiration and Untiring Efforts in Helping to Make These Flavours What They are 1940
A Question of Faith 1895
Quietly My Captain Waits 1940
The Quintuplets' First Year: The Survival of the Famous Five Dionne Babies and Its Significance for All Mothers 1936
A Quiver Full of Arrows
A Quiz Book of Nursing for Teachers and Students 1909
R.L.S. At Manasquan 1931
The Rabbi's Sons 1891
Racial and Ethnic Relations 1971
The Radiant Life: A Memoir of Ruth Marion Shatford-Holmes c1930
The Radiant Road 1904
Railway Builders 1965
Rainbow at Night 1936
The Rainbow Book of Bible Stories 1948
Rainbow Lyrics 1922
Rainbow of Life 1945