TitlePublication Date
A Run for His Money: A Comedy in One Act for Three Men and Three Women 1937
Runaway 2004
Runaway Russia 1918
Running a Saw Mill in Yukon 1901
Russia in Nineteen Twenty-Six 1927
Rustic Rhyme and Rythmn 1949
Ruth: Tale of New Beginnings 1948
Rx for Murder 1946
Ryerson of Upper Canada 1969
Sacred and Legendary Art 1857
The Sacred Bullock, and Other Stories of Animals 1939
Sacred Song: Hymns of Canadian Origin and Interest 1938
Saddlebags for Suitcases: Across Canada on Horseback 1942
Saguenay, "Saginaw", The River of Deep Waters c1930
Saint Ignace and the Vision and Other Poems 1934
Saint Joan 1926
The Saint John River and Its Tributaries 1966
The Saint John River c1949
Saint John Ships and Their Builders 1976
Saint John Vocational School: Reflections 1925-1985 1985
Saint Teresa’s Roses
Saints and Their Stories 1919
Saints, Sinners, And Queer People 1897
Salads That are Different 1937
Salon Sketches: Biographical Studies of Berlin Salons of the Emancipation 1938
Salt Marsh 1942
A Salute of the Fourth 1939
Salute to a Sovereign 1959
Saluting the Canadian Flag: A Patriotic Exercise 1917
Salvage All 1928
Samantha's Secret Room 1963
Samphire Greens: The Story of the Steeves 1961
Sandpipers and Other Poems 1915
Sandstone, and Other Poems 1945
Sandy, The Bell Ringer in Story and Songs 1950
Santa Claus and Co. 1889
Santa Claus and the Magic Carpet: Or, A Conspiracy Against Santa Claus, A Christmas Comedy 1917
Santa Claus' Mistake: Or, The Bundle of Sticks. A Christmas Cantata for Children 1885
Santayana: Saint of the Imagination 1961
Sapphic Songs: Eighteen to Eighty, The Love Poetry of Elsa Gidlow 1982
Sapphic Songs: Seventeen to Seventy 1976
Sappho and Phaon: A Lyrical Drama 1926
Sarah Ranfly
Saratoga: A Tale of the Revolution 1824
The Saskatchewan 1950
Saturday Sunset Cook Book 1913
Saturday's Stepchildren: Canadian Women in Business 1977
Sauble Calling 1962
Saucy Again 1937
Saucy and All 1929