TitlePublication Date
Souvenir of Plays at Government House, 1872-1878 1878
A Souvenir of Vancouver 1906
Souvenir Receipts, Nova Scotia 1905
Sowing and Reaping: Or, Records of the Ellisson Family 1889
Sowing Seeds in Danny 1908
The Span O' Life 1899
Spanish Borderlands: A Chronicle of Old Florida and the Southwest 1921
The Spanish Cavaliers: A Tale of the Moorish Wars in Spain 1860
The Spanish Dowry: A Romance 1906
Spanish Texts of Three Dance Dramas from Mexican Villages 1943
Sparklets of Rhythm and Rhyme: An Anthology of Her Own Poems 1975
Spartacus: A Roman Story 1822
Speaking of Servants: How to Hire, Train, and Manage Household Employees 1940
Special Parties and Stunts c1921
Specialization and Hybridization of Wheat Stem Rust, Puccinia Graminis Tritici, in Canada 1932
Specially Selected Recipes: National Home Monthly 1932
Specially Selected Recipes: National Home Monthly 1933
Specially Selected Recipes: National Home Monthly 1937
Specially Selected Recipes: The Western Home Monthly 1931
A Specimen Spinster 1905
Specimens of China Brought to the Colonies by the Early Settlers, Particularly the Loyalists 1880
A Spell at Scoggin's Crossing 1960
Spider Webs 1986
Spindlespooks 1928
Spindrift 1941
Spinning Wheels and Homespun 1923
Spires Aloft 1942
Spirit Fire: A Story of the Petun Indians 1932
A Spirit of Mirth 1910
The Spirit of the Bluenose and Other Poems 1951
The Spirit of the North and Other Poems 1900
The Spirit of the Thing 1934
Spiritism: The Hidden Secret in Einstein's Theory of Relativity 1922
The Split in the Sky 1959
The Split in the Sky 1960
Spray Hitter 1959
Spring After War 1946
Spring Blew Around the Corner
A Spring Fantasy 1918
Spring Fever c1930
Spring in Savary 1926
Spring Magic 1931
A Spring of Mountain Heather: Being a Story of the Heather and some Facts about the Mountain Playgrounds of the Dominion of Canada 1914
Spring Onions 1987
Springhill: A Hilltop in Cumberland 1926
Springtime 1933
Springtime Fancies 1935
Spun Lace 1933
Spun-Yarn and Sprindrift 1918
St. Lawrence River Ship Canada: Bibliography 1922