Title Publication Date
Schoolgirls' Bumper Book 1930
Sea, Forest and Prairie 1893
Sea, Forest, And Prairie 1893
The Secret of Stanley Hall 1865
S├ęgur, The Wonders of Lourdes 1874
Selections from Canadian Poets 1864
Selections from Scottish Canadian Poets 1900
Sepass, Ancient Songs of Y-Ail-Mihth 1958
Sepass, Sepass Poems 1955
?, Sir Charles Tupper 1923
The Sketchbook of the Lady Sei Shonagon 1930
Smith, Book of Canadian Poetry 1943
Smith, Over Hill and Plain 1947
Smith, With New Friends 1946
Smith, Yesterday and Today 1939
Songs of the Great Dominion 1892
Songs of the Great Dominion 1889
Songs of the Maritimes 1931
Spirit of Canadian Democracy 1945
The Spirit 1919
Standard Canadian Reciter 1918
Stedman, A Victorian Anthology, 1837-1895 1895
Stephen, Golden Treasury of Canadian Verse 1928
Stephen, Voices of Canada 1926
Stewart, Gems from the English Poets. Chaucer to Tennyson