Title Publication Date
Canadian Days: Selections for Every Day in the Year from the Works of Canadian Authors 1911
Canadian History Readings 1900
Canadian Plays from Hart House Theatre 1926
Canadian Poems 1937
Canadian Poems and Lays: Selections of Native Verse, Reflecting the Seasons, Legends, and Life of the Dominion 1892
Canadian Poems of the Great War 1918
Canadian Poetry Book: A Book of Modern Verse 1922
Canadian Poetry Calenda 1939
Canadian Poetry Calendar 1939
Canadian Poetry in English 1954
Canadian Poets of the Great War 1918
Canadian Poets and Poetry, 1st ed. 1916
Canadian Poets and Poetry, 2nd ed. 1926
Canadian School Plays 1948
Canadian School Plays 1931
Canadian Singers and Their Songs: A Collection of Portraits, Autograph Poems and Brief Biographies 1919
Canadian Singers and Their Songs: An Album of Portraits and Autograph Poems 1902
Canadian Singers and Their Songs: A Collection of Portraits, Autograph Poems and Brief Biographies 1925
The Canadian Speaker and Elocutionary Reader 1868
Canadian Verse for Boys and Girls 1930
Cap and Bells: An Anthology of Light Verse by Canadian Poets 1936
Ccollected Poems 1934
Century of Canadian Sonnets 1910
China 1946
Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes by Celebrated Cooks 1926
Chopin 1943
Christ and His Fine Arts 1977
Christmas Greetings 1938
Christmas Knapsack 1914
Christmas Plays for Children 1916
Cinema: How to Act for the Silver Screen 1920
Collected Poems of the Poetry Group of the Calgary Branch 1934
A Collection of Plays Suitable for Use in Junior Red Cross Groups c1927
Concerning Prayer: Its Nature, its Difficulties and its Value 1921
Contributions to Medical and Biological Research: Dedicated to Sir William Osler in Honour of His Seventieth Birthday, July 12, 1919 1919
Creative Young Canada: Collection of Verse, Drawings and Musical Compositions by Young Canadians from Seven to Twenty Years of Age 1928
Culinary Landmarks: Or Half-Hours with Sault Ste. Marie Housewives 1909
Degrees of Relationship in the Language of the Ojibwa Nation to Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family 1871
Delectable Dishes: Published by the Women's Guild of St. George's Church, Montreal 1936
Dictionary of Canadian Biography 2018
The Dominion Telegraph 1930
Dropped Threads: What We Weren't Told 2001
The Early History of Elora and Vicinity 1930
Early Saint John Methodism and History of Centenary Methodist Church 1890
Elise Lebeau: A Dramatic Idyll, And Lyrics and Sonnets 1921
Encyclopedia Sinica 1917
The Eternal Sea: An Anthology of Sea Poetry 1946
Every Child's Story Book 1938
Every Day in the Year 1902