Title Publication Date
L'aide À La France 1918
The Land Where the Chinook Calls 1932
Later Canadian Poems 1893
Leading Canadian Poets 1948
Les Hommes Du Jour 1891
Life of Herbert Symonds 1921
Life of Mother Caron 1914
Little Anthology of Canadian Poets 1943
Little Manitoban 1900
Love and the Universe 1913
The Loyalists of America and Their Times: From 1620 to 1816 1880
Luck and Pluck 1942
Manitoba Poetry Chapbook 1933
Maple Leaf Amateur Reciter and Book of Choice Dialogues for Parlor, School, and Exhibition 1908
Maritime Cookbook 1939
Marjorie Pickthall: A Book of Remembrance c1929
Masterpieces of Religious Verse 1948
Mathilda of Canossa, And Yoland of Greningen 1885
Maxims and Counsels of St. Adolphus Liguori for Every Day in the Year 1887
Mills Manuscripts 1942
Modern Canadian Poetry 1930
Modern Canadian Poetry 1930
The Monk's Pardon: A Historical Romance of the Time of Philip IV of Spain c1893
Montreal in Verse: An Anthology of English Poetry by Montreal Poets 1942
Moral Instruction and Training in Schools: Report of an International Inquiry 1908
Morceaux à dire 1918
Morningside Plays 1917
Mountain Travel: Extracts 1908
National Reference Book on Canadian Men and Women 1940
Nelson Loose-Leaf Medicine 1932
New Canadian Anthology 1938
New Harvesting: Contemporary Canadian Poetry, 1918-1938 1938
New Treasury of War Poetry: Poems of the Second World War 1943
Ninety-Five: A Calendar for the Year MDCCCXCV with Some Selections from Canadian Writers and Drawings by Members of the Toronto Art Students' League 1894
Ninety-Four: A Calendar for the Year of Our Lord MDCCCXCIV with Verses by Some of the Canadian Writers of Verse and Drawings by Members of the Toronto Art Students' League 1893
Ninety-Three: A Calendar for the Year of Our Lord MDCCCXCIII 1892
North American Book of Verse, Vol. 2 1939
Not at Night! 1928
Nova Scotia Book of Verse, Vol. 1 1949
Nursing and Nursing Education in the United States 1923
Ohio Poets 1934
The Old Chest, Or, The Journal of a Family of the French People 1875
One-Act Plays by Canadian Authors 1926
One-Act Plays for Stage and Study, Series 3 1927
Ontario in Rhyme 1921
The Open Door to Storyland 1938
The Orchid Door: Ancient Korean Poems 1935
Other Canadians: An Anthology of New Poetry in Canada, 1940-1946 1947
Our Canadian Literature 1922
Our Canadian Literature: Representative Verse, English and French 1922