Title Publication Date
The Legend of the Holy Stone 1878
Lighthall, Canadian Poems and Lays c1892
Lighthall, Songs of the Great Dominion 1889
Little Manitoban 1900
Lockhart, The Harp of Acadia 1923
Lotta Jean Bogert, Dietetics Simplified: The Use of Food in Health and Disease, With Laboratory Selections by Mame T. Porter 1937
Love and the Universe 1913
The Loyalists of America and Their Times 1880
Manitoba Poetry Chapbook 1933
Maritime Cookbook 1939
Marriott, The Best One-Act Plays of 1937
Marty, Creative Young Canada: Collection of Verse, Drawings and Musical Compositions by Young Canadians from Seven to Twenty Years of Age 1928
Massey, Canadian Plays from Hart House 1926
Massey, Canadian Plays from Hart House Theatre 1926
Maxwell, The River St. John and Its Poets 1947
Modern Canadian Poets 1930
Montreal in Verse 1942
Montreal in Verse 1900
Morrison, Masterpieces of Religious Verse 1948
Mrs. Churchill's Letters from My Home in India 1911
National Council of Women of Canada Year Book 1898
National Council of Women of Canada Year Book 1900
National Council of Women of Canada Year Book 1902
National Council of Women of Canada Year Book 1904
Nelson Loose-Leaf Medicine 1932
New Canadian Anthology 1938
New Cookbook 1903
New England Genealogical and Historical Register 1947
New Harvesting 1938
New Treasure of War Poetry 1943
New Treasury of War Poetry 1943
Nolen and Merwin, Luck and Pluck 1942
Not at Night! 1928
Nova Scotia Book of Verse 1949
O'Donnell, Hoopes, And Hoopes, Day in and Day Out 1957
The Old Chest, Or, The Journal of a Family of the French People 1875
One-Act Plays 1926
Or, The Child of Fashion"(1848), Translated Into French and Serialized 1859
Or, Wit and Wisdom" 1849
The Orchid Door: Ancient Korean Poems 1935
Our Canadian Literature 1934
Oxford Book of Canadian Poetry 1913
Oxford Book of Canadian Verse 1913
Oxford Book of English Verse 1906
Oxo, The Basis of Flavor and Good Cooking 1935
Pacey, Book of Canadian Stories 1947
Passages from the Life of an Egoist" 1851
Patriotic Recitations and Arbor Day Exercises 1893
Plays for Our American Holidays 1929
Plays for School and Camp(1922)