Title Publication Date
De Navery, Idols, Or, The Secret of the Rue Chausée D'Antin 1882
De Navery, The Monk's Pardon: A Historical Romance of the Time of Philip IV of Spain c1893
Delectable Dishes: Published by the Women's Guild of St. George's Church, Montreal 1936
Dewart, Canadian Speaker and Elocutionary Reader 1868
Dewart, Selections from Canadian Poets 1864
Dickie, The Canadian Poetry Book 1922
Down Singing Centuries: Folk Literature of the Ukraine 1981
Dropped Threads: What We Weren't Told 2001
Elise Lebeau: A Dramatic Idyll, And Lyrics and Sonnets 1921
Encyclopedia Sinica 1917
"eva Huntingdon" 1850
"eva Huntington" 1864
"eveleen O'Donnell" 1859
Every Day in the Year 1902
F.w. Howay, Builders of the West. A Book of Heroes 1929
Fairley, Spirit of Canadian Democracy 1945
Farm Cheesemaking 1945
Florence Elizabeth Stewart and Gretchan Day Ross, Eds., Vincent Galleries Book of Cookery 1936
"florence Fitz Harding" 1869
"florence Fitz-Hardinge
Flowers from a Canadian Garden 1909
Flying Colours 1942
Fowler Wright, From Overseas 1924
Frankincense and Myrhh 1893
French, Standard Canadian Reciter 1918