Most of the application is configured with the symfony parameters.yml file in app/config/parameters.yml.

  # database configuration
  database_port: null
  database_name: btd
  database_user: btd
  database_password: abc123

  # mailer configuration
  mailer_transport: smtp
  mailer_user: null
  mailer_password: null

  # A secret key that's used to generate certain security-related tokens
  secret: this is a secret so change it.

  # Router and cookie information
  router.request_context.scheme: http
  router.request_context.base_url: /path/to/application

  # If true, send all HTTP cookies with the https_only flag set.
  secure_cookies: false

  # words in a generated excerpt
  nines_blog.excerpt_length: 50

  # number of posts to show on the home page
  nines_blog.homepage_posts: 3

  # number of posts to show in the drop down menu.
  nines_blog.menu_posts: 5