Label Description
Autobiography This category includes all forms of writing about the author's own life (such as memoirs, diaries, letters, and personal travel writing).
Biography This category includes all biographies of individuals other than the author, regardless of the degree of scholarly detail (such as popular biographies and accounts of historical personalities).
Drama This category includes all titles prepared for presentation in a dramatic forum (such as plays, dialogues, and spoken monologues).
Fiction This category includes all prose writing that is understood to be the invention of the author, regardless of length (such as novels, short story, and short story collections).
Non-fiction This category includes all writing assumed to be based on fact (such as guidebooks, cookbooks, textbooks, scientific articles, political journalism, and instruction manuals).
Poetry This category includes all items in poetic form, regardless of length.
Uncertain This category is used for titles for which the genre is unknown or impossible to determine.