Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Abbotsford Post 1910-1924 Abottsford News
Aberta Poetry Year Book
About Town
Acadia Athenaeum
Acadia Athenæum
Acadia Bulletin
Acadian Athenaeum
Acadian Magazine 1826-1828 Halifax Monthly Magazine
Acadian Recorder 1813-1930
Acadian Reporter
Acadian Sheaf
Acadie 1930
Acadiensis 1901-1908
Ackermann's Forget Me Not
Ackermann's Juvenile Forget Me Not
Ackermann’s Forget Me Not 1823-1847
Ackermann’s Juvenile Forget Me Not 1828-
Acta Victoriana
Adirondack News
Advance 1857-1936
Adventure Trails
The Advocate 1866-
Agricultural Alberta
Agriculturalist 1848
Ainslee's 1897-1926
Ainslee's Magazine
Ainsley's Magazine
Akron Beacon-Journal
Alaska Highway News
Albany Evening Journal
Alberta Poetry Magazine
Alberta Poetry Year Book
Alberta Poetry Yearbook 1929-1990
Alberta School Trustee
The Albertan
Alfred Hitchcock Magazine
Algoma Missionary News
All Hallows in the West
All Story 1905-1920
All the Year Round 1859-1895
Alphabet 1960-1971
Alton Evening Telegram
Amaranth 1841-1843
Amateura 1888-1889