Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Canadian Author and Bookman 1940- Continues Canadian Author
Canadian Authors' Association: Winnipeg Branch Newsletter
Canadian Banker
Canadian Baptist 1858-1998 Christian Messenger
Canadian Bar Review
Canadian Bee Journal
Canadian Biology and Fisheries
Canadian Bookman 1909-1939
Canadian Bookman
Canadian Bookmanl Echoes
Canadian Bookseller and Library Journal 1898-1914
Canadian Boy
Canadian Business
Canadian Business Woman of Toronto
Canadian Casket 1831-
Canadian Catholic Historical Association Report 1933-1965 Canadian Catholic Historical Association Study Sessions
Canadian Cattlemen
Canadian Century
Canadian Chartered Accountant
Canadian Children
Canadian Children's Literature
Canadian Children’s Literature
Canadian Church Magazine and Mission News
Canadian Churchman 1890-1989 Dominion Churchmen Anglican Journal
Canadian Citizen
Canadian Collector
Canadian Comment 1932-1938
Canadian Countryman
Canadian Courant
Canadian Courier 1906-1920
Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record 1877-1902
Canadian Dimension
Canadian Doctor
Canadian Dry Goods Review 1891- Stylewear Review
Canadian Education
Canadian Educational Monthly Educational Monthly of Canada
Canadian Entomologist
Canadian Ethnic Studies
Canadian Experience and Policy Sociological Focus
Canadian Family Herald 1851-
Canadian Farmer
Canadian Fiction 1971-1998
Canadian Field-Naturalist
Canadian Film Digest
Canadian Fireside
Canadian Fisherman 1914-1969
Canadian Forget-Me-Not
Canadian Forum 1920-
Canadian Friend
Canadian Friends Magazine