Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Canadian Frontier
Canadian Garland 1832-1833 Garland
Canadian Gazette
Canadian Gem and Family Visitor 1848-1849
Canadian Geographical Journal 1930-1978 Canadian Geographic
Canadian Georgraphical Journal
Canadian Girl
Canadian Good Housekeeping
Canadian Graphic and Bay of Quinte Review 1901
Canadian Hereford Digest
Canadian Historical Association Report
Canadian Historical Quarterly 1899-19--
Canadian Historical Review 1920-
Canadian History 1898-1900
Canadian Home 1904-1905 National Monthly and Canadian Home
Canadian Home Journal 1910-1958 The Home Journal Chatelaine
Canadian Homes 1962-1978 Canadian Homes and Gardens
Canadian Homes and Gardens 1925-1962 Canadian Homes
Canadian Horticulturalist
Canadian Horticulturalist Magazine
Canadian Horticulture and Home Magazine
Canadian Horticuluralist Magazine
Canadian Hospital
Canadian Hospital Magazine
Canadian Hostpital
Canadian Illustrated Magazine 1916-1922
Canadian Illustrated News 1869-1883
The Canadian Illustrated News
Canadian India Times 1967-1981
Canadian Jewish Chronicle
Canadian Jewish Review
Canadian Journal 1852-1855
Canadian Journal of Economics
Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science
Canadian Journal of Education
Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and Art 1856-1867
Canadian Journal of Research
Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History 1868-1878
Canadian Labour Reformer
Canadian Lancet 1924- Canadian Lancet and National Hygiene
Canadian Lancet and National Hygiene 1922-1924 Dominion Medical Monthly Canadian Lancet
Canadian Lawn Tennis and Amateur Sportsman
Canadian League
Canadian Library Association Bulletin
Canadian Life 1949-1953
Canadian Literary Journal 1870-1871
Canadian Literary Magazine 1833
Canadian Literature 1959-
Canadian Living
Canadian Lutheran