Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Canadian Magazine 1833, 1871-1872; 1893-1939 Absorbed Massey's Magazine in 1897 Canadian
Canadian Magazine and Literary Repository 1823-1825
Canadian Medical Association Journal 1911-
Canadian Mercury 1928-1929
Canadian Messenger 1866-1875
Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart
Canadian Methodist Magazine 1875-1888 Methodist Magazine
Canadian Methodist Sunday School Paper
Canadian Millinery Review
Canadian Mining Journal
Canadian Mining Magazine
Canadian Miscellany 1828
Canadian Missionary Link
Canadian Modern Language Review
Canadian Monthly
Canadian Monthly and National Review 1872-1878 Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review
Canadian Motorist
Canadian Music Folio
Canadian Nation
Canadian National Railway Magazine
Canadian National Railways Magazine
Canadian Nature
Canadian News
Canadian Notes and Queries 1968-
Canadian Nurse 1916-
Canadian Nurse and Hospital Review
Canadian Observer 1914-1919
Canadian Patriot 1864
Canadian Pictorial and Illustrated War News 1885
Canadian Pilgrim
Canadian Plays
Canadian Poetry 1963-1967
Canadian Poetry Magazine 1936-1962 Canadian Poetry
Canadian Power Farmer
Canadian Practitioner and Review
Canadian Press 1917
Canadian Public Health Journal -1943 Canadian Journal of Public Health
Canadian Pulp and Paper Magazine
Canadian Punch 1868
Canadian Quarterly Review 1856-
Canadian Quarterly Review and Family Magazine 1863-1866
Canadian Queen
Canadian Record of Science
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross Junior 1922-
Canadian Review and Journal of Literature 1855-1856
Canadian Review and Magazine 1824-1826
Canadian Review of American Studies
Canadian Review of Literature
Canadian Review of Music and Arts 1942-1948