Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology
Canadian School Journal
Canadian Son of Temperance 1852
Canadian Son of Temperance [and] Literary Gem 1851, 1853
Canadian Spectator
Canadian Spectator and Bookman 1916
Canadian Stage, Screen, and Studio 1937-1938
Canadian Statesman
Canadian Stories 1928
Canadian Student
Canadian Sunday Magazine 1872-1873
Canadian Teacher
Canadian Textile Journal 1883-1993 Textile Journal
Canadian Theatre Review
Canadian Theosophist
Canadian Thinker 1937-1939
Canadian Thresherman and Farmer
Canadian Tribune
Canadian Weekly
Canadian Welfare
Canadian White Ribbon Tidings 1904-1979
Canadian Woman Studies 1978-
Canadian Women's Studies
Canadian Writer and Editor 1945-
Canadian Year Book
Canadian Zionist
The Canadian
Canadiana 1944-
Canadians All 1938-1946
Canadoian Poetry Magazine
Cape Breton and Nova Scotia Magazine 1901-1902
Cape Cod Journal
The Capital
Capitol News
The Carbon Chronicle
Cariboo News
Cariboo Sentinel 1865-1875
Carleton Sentinel 1847-1943
Carmel Pine Cone
Carnival Transcript
Carolina Play-Book
Carry-On Magazine
Cassell's Family Magazine 1874-1897 Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper Cassell's Magazine
Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper 1853-1867 Cassell's Family Magazine
Cassell's Magazine 1867-1912 Cassell's Family Magazine Cassell's Magazine of Fiction
Cassell's Magazine of Fiction 1912- Cassell's Magazine