Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Chicago Times-Herald
Chicago World
Child Life 1922-
Child's Bible Expositor 1880-1882
Child's Own
Child’s Own
Children's Activities for Home and School 1934-1960
The Children's Friend
Children's Magazine
Children's Playmate 1935-2008 Playmate Jack and Jill
Children's Record 1886-1899
Children's Sketch
Children’s Visitor
Chilliwack Progress
China Christian Year Book
China Critic
China Journal of Science and Arts
Chinese Record
Chinese Times 1914-1992
Christian Advocate
Christian at Work
Christian Endeavor World
Christian Evangelist
Christian Examiner and Religious Miscellany
Christian Family
Christian Family and Our Mission
Christian Guardian 1829-1925 New Outlook
Christian Helper
Christian Herald 1857-1936
Christian Lady's Magazine
Christian Life
Christian Messager -1885 Canadian Baptist
Christian Messenger
Christian Mirror
Christian Observer 1851-1852
Christian Register
Christian Science Monitor 1908-
Christian Science Sentinel Christian Science Weekly
Christian Science Weekly Christian Science Sentinel
Christian Union 1870-1893
Christmas Annual
Christmas Chimes 1901-1908
Christmas Globe
Christmas Greeting
Christmas Greetings
Chronicle and Gazette