Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Church Magazine 1865-1868
Church Observer 1896-
Church Record
The Circle
City Advertiser and Monthly Visitor 1852-185-
City Sparrows 1894
The City
Civic Theatre Magazine 1945-1946
Civil and Military Gazette
Civil Service Review
The Clarion 1946-1949 The Negro Citizen
Classical Weekly
Cleveland Herald
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Clifford Arrow
Clinton News-Record
The Coast
Cobour Star
Cobourg Sentinel
Cobourg Star
Cold Spring Recorder
The Collecting Net
Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society
Collector's Companion
College Stories 1931- Excitement
Collier's 1905-1957 Collier's Weekly
Collier's Once a Week 1888-1895 Collier's Weekly
Collier’s Weekly 1895-1905 Collier's Once a Week Collier's
Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin
Colonial Pearl 1839-1840
Colonial Protestant and Journal of Literature and Science 1848-1849
Colonial Review 1862-186-
Columbus Dispatch
Column Trailer
Comic Offering, or Ladies' Melange of Literary Mirth 1831-1835
Commentary Magazine Contemporary Jewish Record
Commercial Advertiser
The Commonwealth
The Communist The Liberator
Compass 1877
Congress Bulletin
Conkey's Home Journal