Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
The Critic
Crow's Nest
Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crucible 1932-1943
Cumberland News
Current History Magazine 1914-
Current Literature 1888-1913 Current Opinion
Current Opinion 1913-1925 Current Literature
The Current
Curtain Call
CV2 1975-
Daily Clarion
Daily Columbian 1886-1988
Daily Echo
Daily Gleaner
Daily Guardian
Daily Herald
Daily Mail and Empire
Daily Mail Daily Express
Daily Meditation
Daily News
The Daily News
Daily Patriot
Daily Press Toronto
The Daily Press
Daily Province
Daily Province Magazine
Daily Sentinel
Daily Star
Daily Tatler
Daily Telegraph
Dalhousie College Observer
Dalhousie Gazette
Dalhousie Review 1921-
Dance in Canada
Dandelion 1975-
Danforth Tribune
Dansville Breeze 1883-1971
Dauphin Herald
Dawn of Tomorrow 1923-
Dawson Daily News
Dawson News
De Ruyter Gleaner 1876-1963
Defenders of Wildlife
The Delineator Metropolitan Monthly