Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Guelph Daily Mercury
Guelph Tribune
Gulfshore Life
Gunter’s Magazine 1905-1911 New Story Magazine
Halifax Athenæum 1855-1856
Halifax Chronicle
Halifax Chronicle-Herald
The Halifax Chronicle
Halifax Critic
Halifax Daily Echo
Halifax Daily News
Halifax Daily Star
Halifax Daily Star & Chronicle
Halifax Daily Star and Chronicle
Halifax Evening Mail
Halifax Evening News
Halifax Guardian
Halifax Herald
Halifax Herald and Mail
Halifax Herald Woman's Extra
Halifax Mail
Halifax Monthly Magazine 1830-1833
Halifax Morning Chronicle
Halifax Morning Sun
Halifax Provincial Wesleyan
Halifax Telegraph-Journal
Hamilton Daily Herald
Hamilton Evening Journal
Hamilton Herald
Hamilton News
Hamilton Physiog 1858-
Hamilton Review
Hamilton Spectator Hamilton Spectator and Journal of Commerce
Hamilton Spectator and Journal of Commerce 1846- Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton Times
Hanna Herald
Happy Hours Library
Happy Motoring
Harp 1874-1882
Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Magazine
Harper's Monthly
Harper's Weekly
Harper's Young People
Harper’s Bazaar
Harper’s Monthly Magazine
Hartford Courant