Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Hastings Chronicle 1850; 1855-1856
Health Ray
Health Reformer
The Health Reformer
Hearst's Magazine
Heart's Magazine
Hearth and Home 1868-1875
Hearthstone 1870-1872
Heath's Book of Beauty
Herald of Health
Here and Now 1947-49
Heresies 1977-
Hesperian 1930
Hibbert Journal: A Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy
High River Times
High Trail
High Venture
High Ventures
Hispanic American Historical Review
Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada Agenda Papers
Historical Collections of the Essex Institute
Hobart Town Courier
Holland's Magazine 1905-1953 Street's Weekly
Holland’s Magazine
Holley Standard
Home and Country
Home and Flowers Success with Flowers Vick's Monthly
Home Augsburg Bible Studies
Home Augsburg Bible Studies Editorial
Home Augsburg Bible Studies Quarterly
Home Circle
Home Department Magazine
Home Department Quarterly
Home Forum
Home Friend Magazine
Home Gardening
Home Journal 1905-1910 Canadian Home Journal
Home Magazine 1920-1921 Woman at Home Ladies Home Magazine
Home Magazine and the Ladies Field 1922-1931 Ladies Home Magazine
Homemakers Magazine
Homes and Gardens 1916-
Honest Injun 1897