Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Indian Magazine and Review
Indian Record
Indian Time 1951
Indianapolis News
Individual Thinker 1934
Industrial Banner
Inland Herald
Inland Sentinel
Inquirer 1821-1822
Institute Leaflet
The Interior
International Archiv fur Schulhygiene
International Forum 1926
International Journal 1946
International Journal of Ethics
International Migration Review
International Nursing Review
International Socialist Review 1900-1918
International Studies
International Studio
International Sunday School
The International 1901-1902
Internationale Monatsschrift für Anatomie and Physiologie
The Interpreter
Iola Register
Ireland America Review
The Iris
Irish Canadian
Irish Examiner 1841 Cork Examiner; Examiner
Irish Independent Weekly
Irish Monthly
Iroquois Post
Ithaca Daily News
Jack and Jill
Jack Canuck
Japan Advertiser
Japan News-Week
Japan Times
Japanese Gassho
The Jester 1878-1896
Jewels 1926-1946
Jewish Centre News 1925 Jewish Western Bulletin; Jewish Independent
Jewish Congress Bulletin
Jewish Guardian
Jewish Spectator