Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Jack and Jill
Jack Canuck
Japan Advertiser
Japan News-Week
Japan Times
Japanese Gassho
The Jester 1878-1896
Jewels 1926-1946
Jewish Centre News 1925 Jewish Western Bulletin; Jewish Independent
Jewish Congress Bulletin
Jewish Guardian
Jewish Spectator
Jewish Week 1975-1984 Jewish Week and the American Examiner Washington Jewish Week
Jewish Week and the American Examiner 1970-1976 American Hebrew Jewish Week
Jewish Western Bulletin 1930-2005 Jewish Centre News Jewish Independent
John Bull
John Martin's Book 1912-
John O'London's Weekly
Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine
The Jongleur
Journal and Courier
Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society
Journal of Agriculture
Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture 1897-1936
Journal of American Folklore
Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association
Journal of Bacteria
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Canadian Education
Journal of Canadian Fiction
Journal of Canadian Literature
Journal of Canadian Poetry
Journal of Canadian Studies
Journal of Church Music
Journal of Commonwealth Literature
Journal of Economic History
Journal of Education
Journal of Education for Nova Scotia
Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of Experimental Medicine 1896-1905
Journal of General Education
Journal of General Psychology
Journal of Genetics
Journal of Historical Ideas
Journal of Home Economics
Journal of Household Economics
Journal of Immunology
Journal of Indian Textile History