Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Kansas City Quarterly
Kansas City Star
Kansas Magazine
Katie Field's Washington
The Keepsake
Kelowna Record 1912-1920 Orchard City Record
Keneder Nayes
Kentucky New Era
Kentville Advertiser
Kenyon Review
Kilmore Examiner
Kilmore Standard
Kindergarten Review -1916 American Childhood
King's College Record
King's Own
The King's Own
King’s Own
King’S Own: A Paper for Canadian Boys
Kingston Chronicle
Kingston Daily Freeman
Kingston Patriot and Farmer's Monitor 1829-1832 York Patriot and Farmer's Monitor
Kingston Spectator
Kingston Whig
Kingston Whig-Standard
Kit-Bag 1903
Kitchener Daily Record
Kitchener Record
Kitchener-Waterloo Daily Record
The Kiva
Knowlton Advertiser and Eastern Townships Chronicle Eastern Townships Advertiser
Knowlton News
L'Aide à la France
La Belle Assemblée 1806-1837
La Sphere Feminine
Labor World
Labour Gazette
Labour Party Magazine
Lachute Independent
Lachute Watchman
Ladies at Home 1893-18-- or 19--
Ladies Field
Ladies Home Magazine 1922 Home Magazine Home Magazine and the Ladies Field
Ladies Repository
Ladies' Cabinet
Ladies' Home Companion 1886-1896 The Home Companion Woman's Home Companion