Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Kilmore Examiner
Kilmore Standard
Kindergarten Review -1916 American Childhood
King's College Record
King's Own
The King's Own
King’s Own
King’S Own: A Paper for Canadian Boys
Kingston Chronicle
Kingston Daily Freeman
Kingston Patriot and Farmer's Monitor 1829-1832 York Patriot and Farmer's Monitor
Kingston Spectator
Kingston Whig
Kingston Whig-Standard
Kit-Bag 1903
Kitchener Daily Record
Kitchener Record
Kitchener-Waterloo Daily Record
The Kiva
Knowlton Advertiser and Eastern Townships Chronicle Eastern Townships Advertiser
Knowlton News
L'Aide à la France
La Belle Assemblée 1806-1837
La Sphere Feminine
Labour Gazette
Labour Party Magazine
Lachute Independent
Lachute Watchman
Ladies at Home 1893-18-- or 19--
Ladies Field
Ladies Home Journal
Ladies Home Magazine 1922 Home Magazine Home Magazine and the Ladies Field
Ladies Repository
Ladies' Cabinet
Ladies' Home Companion 1886-1896 The Home Companion Woman's Home Companion
Ladies' Home Journal
Ladies' Home Monthly 1893
Ladies' Journal
The Ladies' Journal
Ladies' Magazine
Ladies' Musical Library
Ladies' Pictorial Weekly
Ladies' Realm
Ladies' Repository 1841-1876
Ladies' World